Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday – Nuns of Europa: Sister Katherine

As I outline this little treat, I find things are much different for Clan Simdow than most other clans.  As you might have noted when I first trotted these boys out a few weeks back, Nobek Miv had a sister who was assaulted, which led to him killing her attacker.  Nobeks are highly protective of those they deem in their care, so you can imagine Miv’s reaction when his clan decides to add Katherine to their group.

This book will be a bit different from what you might have expected coming from Europa’s convent.  We know the issue of forced clanning of prisoners was in place at the time of Europa’s capture.  Alien Conquest gave you a little glimpse into the beginning of the ‘re-education’ process the Kalquorians had at the time.  However, that is not going to be what you see happen to Sister Katherine.  Not with Miv around.

All characters concerned immediately recognize that Miv’s history will make an impact on how this clan deals with their new Matara.  It means Katherine’s journey into a life with three lovers will be handled differently than the other women. 

Even without the Nobek’s concerns, things probably would have been different.  Katherine is my most innocent heroine yet.  She’s got no clue beyond the vaguest idea of what sex entails.  She doesn’t even understand sexual arousal.  The funny feelings she gets in her gut around the clan make her think she’s getting ill.

The seduction will be much slower than usually happens around Kalquorians.  Dramok Simdow knows he has to be careful with his new Matara, both for her and his Nobek’s sake.  His clan will embark on a careful, gentle (for Kalquorians) introduction with Katherine to the delights of intimacy.  Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it as much as her.