Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Got a Question?

I received some interesting questions about the Kalquor series from a reader today. It got me thinking that many of you send me really fascinating inquiries all the time since the Kalquor universe tends to be rather complicated. I'd like to address those and any other questions you might have in a future blog...a kind of 'readers interview Tracy' thing. So if you have something you want to know, whether it's Kalquor related or about any of my books or my writing process...whatever...you can comment below or send an email to st.johntracy@yahoo.com. No names will be used. You're free to ask anything, but be aware that for the privacy of myself and my family, I may choose to not answer or acknowledge some queries.

I'll gather all the questions and answer them at once in an upcoming blog, probably in a couple of weeks. Thanks!


  1. Why can the Kalquorians only clan once? I always thought it would make an interesting story. For a clan broken by some tragedy to have another shot at happiness. Maybe through the efforts of a Marta.

  2. When Martra Lindsey, first claned they let her go, then took her back. Then when she got to the planet one of the Kalqurians wanted her to de clan her clan. I thought they claned for life and once claned they where claned for life. Sorry about the spelling.

  3. I asked quite a few questions on message. Do you want me to resend since you are doing a segment for them or do you still have them?

    1. Resend to make sure I've got everything if you don't mind. Thanks!

  4. 1; I've been wondering about the single ladies of Kalquor. The Earther girls that aren't repressed or the ones that were 16-17 years old who will be in their early to mid twenties soon. Their friends have gotten clanned and they themselves will soon start dating off the auction if they haven't already. That means they've been going to school and working along side these guys for years! (Excuse the crudeness but I'd be like a bitch in heat.)
    Now my question is can she date unclanned guys? What if she falls for a guy or two that aren't part of a full clan? Is she allowed to date unclanned guys and is she allowed to form her own clan? Clajaks great grandmother wasn't allowed to rule until she had a whole clan which means she had part of one, but she was a royal and a Kalquor gal. Are the rules different for the Earther girls?

    2; Is there a legal Kalquor clanning age. If a twenty year old girl falls for a twenty year old Kalquor guy may she date him or is he way too young?

    When I read about the nuns I wondered if any of them felt duty bound to submit to there new husbands/owners since Numbers and Deuteronomy tells us that virgin girls taken as spoils of war must submit sexually to their new owners?

    4; How did you come up with the quotes for the book of life.

    5; One of my favorite things is homoerotica so I adore the Kalquorian man love BUT, do any of these guys grow up feeling out of place b/c they aren't attracted to guys?

    6; This one goes with Cat and Brenda. Can the women be reclanned but the men cannot? Doesn't Sister Katherines clan have an Imdiko with a mom that declanned then joined another clan before she new she was pregnant?

  5. ok another ? when they get bite does it leave a mark, or will it disappear. will older ladies get clanned to older Kalquorians because they would like to have a female not just for breeding.(like empress jessica's mom)