Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Netherworld: Drop Dead Sexy

You'd think that once you're dead, you'd be beyond pain and suffering, right?  Brandilynn is certainly under that impression, but fellow ghost Dan and vampire Tristan have news for our newly deceased heroine:

Tristan frowned.  “Watch where you take her.  The east side of Old Town is getting violent again.”

Okay, Mr. County Commissioner sounded a little too paternal.  What next, be home by eleven?  “What does it matter?  We’re dead, right?  So nothing can hurt us,” I pointed out.

Dan slowly shook his head at me.  “Oh, we can be hurt.  You felt pleasure with sex, didn’t you?”

Tristan gave me a very serious look, serious enough that I got off my high horse about his patronizing attitude.  “Not only can ghosts be hurt, but we can be ‘killed’ again, so to speak.  Permanently erased from existence.  Which can be a blessing if someone decided to torture you for eternity, which is also possible.”

His words sparked a thrill of terror.  “Wow, nasty.  What about vampires?  If you get staked, you’ll be ghosts full time, right?”

Tristan’s lips thinned into a straight line.  “Staking doesn’t kill vampires, it just pins them down so they can be killed.  But the answer to your question is that the souls of dead vampires disappear entirely, including our daytime ghosts.”

Dan added, “That’s why their day resting places are kept so well hidden.”

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