Thursday, October 13, 2011

Create a Kalquorian: New Poll Coming

With our first poll to Create a Kalquorian drawing to a close in the next couple of days, I'll soon be posting a new one.  We'll be delving into the first of the physical characteristics on our alien:  the hair.

It's not as easy to choose as it sounds.  Sure, the vast majority of Kalquorians have black hair that's at least shoulder length.  But we have to decide on coarse or soft; smooth, wavy or curly; and if he wears it loose, braided, cornrowed, dreadlocked, mohawked, etc.  FYI, the fifth Clans of Kalquor book does have a Dramok with cornrows and a Nobek with a mohawk.  So you have to decide if we'll repeat those hairstyles or not. 

Right now the Imdiko is the frontrunner in our poll with almost half the votes.  The response has been good enough that I'm thinking you will be helping me with the entire clan, so if you were hoping to create the Dramok and Nobek, you'll have your chance.  Thanks so much for playing along!

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