Thursday, October 27, 2011

Create a Kalquorian: New Poll Coming Soon

Well, we're close to wrapping up another poll as we put together Imdiko Conyod.  It's been a real tug of war as to whether he will end up with midback or waist-length tresses, but one thing's for sure:  loose, rippling waves are a popular look for our alien psychologist.

On Saturday, we'll turn our focus to Conyod's bod.  You'll have a chance to decide if he'll be a great thing in a smaller package, average height for his race, or a hulking honey.  Do we want him to be a lean and lithe machine, sporting a toned and tight athletic physique, or macho and musclebound?   I'm leaving it up to you ladies and gents.  He's all yours, so start thinking of your dream physique and meet me back here Saturday.

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