Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Alien Slave

Up until now, the Clans of Kalquor series has introduced mostly humanoid aliens:  the big, hunky Kalquorians and tall, willowy Plasians.  Science tells us that if there is intelligent life beyond our own world, chances are it won't be humanoid like us.  I have to say, part of the fun of writing science fiction is coming up with aliens, especially those markedly different from ourselves. 

A large portion of Alien Slave takes place on the sex slave planet of Dantovon, where there is more of a variety then we've seen in the previous books.  You'll not only get up close and personal with the almost universally despised Tragooms (which also show up in Alien Salvation) but you'll also meet Joshadans, an Isetacian, and the Dantovonians themselves.

Dantovonians aren't the most attractive creatures in the universe by our standards.  But then, they probably think we're ugly too.

Husta, a native Dantovonian, rolled her lidless eye at Dani.  The brothel owner’s sister’s segmented face didn’t allow much expression, but she managed to convey her dislike for Dani anyway.  “We’re busy.”

Dani looked around the lounge where every available space was crowded with sex slaves.  “Then why are so many lying around?”

“They’re not Earthers.  You’re popular for whatever reason.”  Husta’s long, cylindrical tongue flicked out of her tiny mouth.  Dani knew the tongue scented the air, tasting the various aromas.  Dantovonians looked like a science experiment gone terribly wrong, as if some mad laboratory had bred amphibians and insects with each other.  Not pretty.

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