Friday, July 14, 2017

Question of the Week

Q: Can a matara be in a clan that is not into BDSM OR public displays, or is pain/punishment/voyerism just a part of Kalqorian society?

A: The Kalquorians, as a rule, are dominant personalities. The Nobeks particularly get into pain--giving and taking. The Dramoks usually insist on demonstrating they are in control and having lovers acknowledge that control. Some such elements are going to be a part of the Kalquorian men's makeup in most cases, though for Dramoks and Imdikos, it may be acceptable for lovers to simply hand over control without the pain or punishment elements. 

As to a Matara who is into none of that, it will take compromises on both sides to make intimacy work within a full clan. Not impossible, but it would have to be carefully addressed.

Thanks for the question!

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  1. I love your Clans of Kalquor books and Shalia's diairy. I always thought it would be nice if there was a relationship that did not involve bondage and pain as well - giving up control is fine - I would even stretch that concept and imagine that there was a Kalquorian colony somewhere - perhaps even on Kalquor where the residents were not quite so advanced and had refused to adopt the Clan system and who do not share - and they come looking for a matara as well - just a little fantasy! I'm always waiting for more Clans of Kalquor though!

    1. You might very well enjoy the upcoming Portals to Risnar series that will be coming out next year. It sounds more like what you'd like to see, with a whole new set of sexy aliens.

  2. Do Kalquorians have nationalities or races amongst themselves? Like humans have their German, Italian, Chinese etc heritage and it seems even in the universe you've created there are faint mentions of the ethnicities of the eathers, very infrequent but still mentioned. Do Kalquorians have a version of this or are they all pretty much just Kalquorian?