Wednesday, July 26, 2017

WIP Wednesday - To Protect and Service: Righteous Fury

              His high-handed attitude infuriated her. Kimi had said she’d be his slave, but as far as she was concerned, they still had yet to establish all the parameters of the agreement. She had every intention of going to Laaruu’s dimension with him, but only to locate Raven and rescue her.
              She also had the added mission of getting the kidnapped women of her world safely home. Laaruu’s disinterest in their fate didn’t sit well with Kimi. It was another strike against him, and one she would take great delight in correcting.
              Pretending to submissively do as he told her, Kimi pulled her shoe laces loose and toed her shoes off. Socks, sweatpants, and shirt followed. She made the movements slow and enticing, wanting the Paatiin distracted by lust. His wide eyes and tented pants crotch informed her that he was indeed enjoying the show.
              Down to her bra and underwear, Kimi grinned saucily. She sauntered close to Laaruu, reaching behind her back as if to unhook her bra. With Laaruu’s gaze locked on her chest and only inches away, she struck.
              Her knee flashed upward, driving towards his avid groin. He reacted, deflecting the blow by twisting to one side so that she caught his thigh instead. Though it wasn’t the disarming hit she’d hoped for, Kimi felt a flash of delight to see him wince and hear a grunt escape him. She pressed her advantage, attacking hard and fast.
              Kimi enjoyed the upper hand for all of perhaps five seconds. She was out of shape. She was weak. She was slow. Laaruu was none of those things. It was humiliating how easily he took her down, using moves Kimi would have thwarted only months ago. It demonstrated better than anything how far she’d fallen.
              Her bathrobe had been slung over the chair where she sat at her vanity when she could be bothered to slather on makeup. Keeping her pinned on the nubby carpet, Laaruu yanked loose the tie. He bound Kimi up, wrists to ankles, forcing her body to curl in a fetal position.
              He knelt beside her trussed form, disgust filling his expression. Kimi squirmed to be stared at that way. Without saying a word, Laaruu managed to make her feel like a pile of shit he’d accidentally stepped in.
              The Paatiin’s tone dripped with revulsion. “Did you think I expected you to obey me? You are a fool to think so badly of me. And I’m a fool to have thought you had any real fight left in you. You call that an attack? It was the most pathetic display I’ve seen.”
              Kimi huddled, ashamed and miserable. She’d once been a badass, capable of beating men twice her weight. Several times her strength. She’d defended herself dozens of times against people determined to hurt her. She’d always won out.
              She didn’t have to be told Laaruu had barely needed to try to fend her off. To put her in this humiliating position. He’d called her pathetic, but that didn’t come close to what she’d become. She was contemptible. Laughable. Absurd.

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    1. Me too! I enjoyed Ravenous Virtue so much that I wondered if there would be more books set in that world. So happy!