Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WIP Wednesday – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction

From the moment Patricia’s body embraced me, I ceased to have a clear understanding of the events unfolding around me. Even Dan screaming my name had little importance. I knew only raging thirst. The vampire was hungry.

I sensed warm beings full of blood behind me. I heard their terrified yells. The fear told me they were prey. They would feed me. Only through them could my need be sated. 

The five men, their bodies pulsing with life, struggled with the guns hanging on the wall. I recognized the danger but I didn’t care. For once no werepanther shoved cold, unappetizing bottles of long-dead blood at me. Before me stood the real thing. The best thing. The thing that would bring me back to true life, to warmth and feeling and joy.

I gathered myself to launch at them. I sighted on the one that had angered me too often before. Yes, he should be the one to take away the first of this onslaught of hunger. I would enjoy drinking from him best of all.

Three of the five turned, pointing shining metal at me. Dan yelled again. Sparks of fire and smoke appeared at the muzzles of the guns. I felt the shot digging small tunnels through my body an instant before the guns spoke their deafening voices. 

Pain, almost blinding in its agony, erupted into rage. They had hurt me. Now I was hungry and furious. I not only had to feed to find peace, but to heal the damage they had done. If I’d had a mote of conscience before this moment, it was long gone.

No release date set.

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