Monday, January 25, 2016

Countdown to Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction, Excerpt 2

“I never would have pegged you for a cat person, Brandilynn.”

The amused voice cut through my quieting emotions. In an instant Gerald and I were on our feet, alerted predators ready to take on whoever had dared to encroach on our territory.

I relaxed with an inward groan as I recognized the interloper. Levi Ward. Great. As if things weren’t screwy enough, I’d been caught banging Gerald by the werewolf federal agent who also had the hots for me.

I self-consciously covered my naughty bits with my arms. I tried to hide my discomfort by glaring in defiance at Levi. “What are you doing here, Bane?”

Our intruder identified, Gerald eased up and adjusted his clothing. His had come through our amorous encounter in dirty but otherwise decent shape. He eyed Levi with overt warning. The men had never met, but Gerald knew the story.

I delighted in Levi’s scowl. I’d called him Bane. He hated the name he’d been given when working undercover with a criminal motorcycle gang. I use it every time he ticked me off.

Levi Ward ticked me off quite often.

His golden gaze turned to Gerald, sizing him up. Levi was almost as muscled and every bit as handsome as the werepanther. His mouth was more pronounced, a definite though slight muzzle. His golden-brown eyes were riveting. His dark hair was shot with gray, the color of his wolf. The way his black tee shirt stretched across his defined chest would make a nun scream for strength. Jeans clung lovingly to carved thighs.

Seeing him and Gerald put evil thoughts in my head. My libido, still enlivened by Gerald’s blood, perked up yet again. I firmly shut it down. Levi was never, ever on the menu. I made that mistake once and vowed never to do it again.

Unfortunately Levi was one of those for whom the word ‘no’ translates to ‘maybe if you keep trying’. He looked me up and down with unconcealed interest as he said, “I came looking for you. Dan Saling sent me.”

“Dan? Try again, dog breath. You can’t see ghosts.” I let go of my glamour to show off my fangs. 

Gerald sighed and picked up the full bottle of BP9 he’d dropped when I’d jumped him. Most had spilled, but about a quarter of it was left. He shoved it in my direction. “Don’t provoke her, Wolf Boy.”

Levi frowned at him as I shook my head, indicating I didn’t need the juice. The agent asked him, “What’s the matter, kitten? Can’t handle Ms. Payson?”

“I’d say I handled her fine, pup. Now shut up before she decides to take a bite out of you. I won’t stand in her way for that part, but you better believe you won’t get a taste of her after she’s done tasting you.”

I didn’t like how this conversation was shaping up for several reasons. I gave the two shifters angry eyes as I said, “Why don’t you both settle down? I’m not territory to be marked.”

Levi took a good look at me, this time keeping his gaze above neck level. For an instant his gold eyes glowed. The shine faded and he nodded to Gerald in grudging respect. “Don’t provoke. Check.” He drew a deep breath and addressed me again, his tone a good deal more polite. “Dan relayed his message through that psychic who hears the dead. Lana?”

That didn’t help my temper one bit. What was Dan thinking, sending Levi here to see me? He knew how badly things went when I worked on flying. He knew what situation Levi might stumble on.

Releasing Friday, January 29. 

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