Sunday, January 24, 2016

Countdown to Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction, Excerpt 1

For ghost Brandilynn Payson, there is no such thing as resting in peace. Trapped in a vampire’s body during the night much to the horror of those surrounding her ... particularly her former sweetheart Tristan ... she struggles to cope with an afterlife that keeps getting more complicated.

Even with her one true love Dan and werepanther Gerald helping her, Brandilynn struggles to find her way. As she deals with a body that desires more than just blood, Brandilynn must also come to terms with her former lovers triangle and the new unwanted one that has come about. Plus she must now face a member of her family who cast her aside.

Worse still, the town’s shifter population is disappearing without a trace. As if her afterlife isn’t crazy enough with personal failure and heartbreak, an unspeakable threat menaces Brandilynn’s friends and family.

Being a vampire is tough. Keeping those she loves alive is even tougher.

Contains elements of BDSM.

Red hazed my vision. Anger dripped acid in my brain, melting any sanity that lived there. Hatred for my condition exploded from my non-beating heart until every fiber of my body quaked with it. I tore clods of soil from the ground, wanting to claw the world apart.

I saw movement at the corner of my eye. I sensed warmth, smelled life. Without thought, I launched myself at it, mouth gaping wide open.

Shifters are fast. Vampires are faster. Gerald had no time to reverse course or put up a defense.

I had him by the throat in less than a breath. My mouth filled with heat, the only heat I could feel in this body. The thick fluid spilling from the rent I’d torn in the werepanther’s flesh fairly sang against my tongue. All conscience fled as I drew on the man I’d toppled to the ground.

What does it feel like to feed on real live blood? The best way I could describe it would be the elation of Christmas morning, graduation, and your wedding day all rolled into one. It’s joy so incredible that it can’t be contained. 

My whole being warmed as I filled with that sweet elixir. My stolen heart thumped once, twice, and then pounded against my sternum. I drew breaths between swallows. I was alive again. Alive! And more alive than when I’d lived in my own body. I felt hyperaware of everything, particularly the man lying beneath me.

Patricia had been a long, lithe gal, elegantly slender without veering into skinny territory. With her body I draped lightly over the behemoth werepanther giving me a small taste of animation. My breasts, lovely teacup mounds, mashed against the concrete swells of Gerald’s heaving chest. The tops of my thighs cradled within his hips.

My pussy throbbed to life, as it always did when I attacked Gerald. Live blood made my entire being want to celebrate every possible sensation of warmth ... especially that of sex.

As I continued to suck hungrily at Gerald’s throat, I tore at his fly. He helped, shoving his jeans down as soon as he was able. His cock matched the rest of him: big and swollen. 

He was eager as always. Sometimes I thought he didn’t put up much of a fight on purpose. Not because he knew he’d lose, but because he wanted to lose. Gerald had suffered an unrequited love for Patricia when she was still with us. With no hope of winning her, he contented himself with being her bodyguard and protector. The man definitely had a knight-in-shining-armor complex when it came to his former charge.

Having sex with me in Patricia’s body was the closest he could come to being with his lost love. Plus sex with a feeding vampire was supposed to be as good for the victim as it is for the bloodsucker. At any rate, Gerald showed no hesitation when I ripped open the slacks and panties I wore and plunged down on his avid cock. His hips bucked upward, spearing deep into me.

My senses rioting, I came on the spot. My pussy clenched hard around the thickness within, pulling as hard on the flesh as my mouth did on Gerald’s throat. Now all was elation, 4th of July fireworks, and a New Year’s Eve celebration. 

Releasing January 29

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