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Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction Now On Sale!

For ghost Brandilynn Payson, there is no such thing as resting in peace. Trapped in a vampire’s body during the night much to the horror of those surrounding her ... particularly her former sweetheart Tristan ... she struggles to cope with an afterlife that keeps getting more complicated.

Even with her one true love Dan and werepanther Gerald helping her, Brandilynn struggles to find her way. As she deals with a body that desires more than just blood, Brandilynn must also come to terms with her former lovers triangle and the new unwanted one that has come about. Plus she must now face a member of her family who cast her aside.

Worse still, the town’s shifter population is disappearing without a trace. As if her afterlife isn’t crazy enough with personal failure and heartbreak, an unspeakable threat menaces Brandilynn’s friends and family.

Being a vampire is tough. Keeping those she loves alive is even tougher.

Contains elements of BDSM. 

Dan flipped my short pleated skirt up to reveal my cotton-clad rump. “Spread your legs. Wider. Wider.” He gave one thigh a smart whack with the thick paddle when I proved reluctant to obey.

I yelped and set my legs far apart, wincing at the throb of pain. I shivered to think of the punishment I was about to receive. It was going to hurt so good.

I closed my hands into fists as Dan pulled my panties down. I knew he saw it all: my butt with cheeks parted and my pussy already wet and swelling with excitement. I felt the familiar exciting helplessness curl tight in my sex. There is nothing better than being utterly vulnerable to the man I love and trust with all of my being.

His hand settled in the small of my back. No principal ever warms a wayward student’s rear for a paddling so it hurts less. I would get all the agony I could ask for. Maybe more.

“How many, Sir?” I asked, delicious fear joining the jumble in my belly.

“As many as I think will put you right,” came the noncommittal answer. “Stay still and take your punishment.”

I swear I heard that block of wood whistle in the air as it swung at my unprotected fanny. The contact between it and the fleshiest part of my butt sounded like a gunshot. Pain exploded and I shrieked. If I jumped an inch, I jumped a mile. Good glory, that hurt!

The pain still radiated from his strike when the next one fell. It caught me slightly above where the first had landed. I howled and tears welled in my eyes.

Another heavy swat, the lowest part of my butt. Another, this one catching upper thighs. I jerked and jumped and kicked helplessly as Dan held me down and delivered my paddling. I yelled wordless cries of pain and pummeled the table with my fists. My butt crackled with fiery torment.

I often used pain play to take me out of my head where worry enjoyed roosting far too much. The immediacy of discipline meant no dwelling on the world’s ugliness or my own shortcomings. Though I had little to be concerned with these days, it still felt good to be totally in the here and now. I had nothing to worry over except accepting Dan’s dominance and doing all I could to please him.

What more could a sub want out of life ... or afterlife?

Even as I danced under his powerful strokes with the paddle and sobbed with hurt of blistering buttocks and thighs, I sank into peace. A part of me floated free, happy to be with the man I loved, serving his needs and him alone. The soft sensation of euphoria transmuted the punishment, turning pain into an intensity that throbbed in my pussy. The tone of my cries changed with the shift, becoming throaty moans of sharp pleasure. 

Dan heard me and said, “That’s it, little girl. Learn your lesson. Time to be good now.”

I arched my back, offering myself for more discipline. Bliss throbbed in time with the rise and fall of the paddle. Each strike was a benediction, a redemption. 

I heard the music. Deathsong, Arthur had called it. I thought it was more like the song of true life. Of love. There was nothing morbid in that sweet, swelling tone that made me feel so close to home ... wherever that might be.

I felt myself reaching towards it. At that moment the paddling stopped. The music went away, leaving me gasping on the table.

“Are you going to be a good girl now?” Dan asked me.

I blinked, coming back to myself. Wow, I’d really taken off into subspace that time. I still felt floaty and serene, albeit a little disappointed to have lost that precious music.

In a slow, drugged voice I said, “I’ll be good, Sir.”

“We’ll see. Now, let me think about how much detention you deserve.”

I slid to the floor, my legs feeling like jelly. I landed on my rear and a quick throb of pain brought me back to our scene and the part I was supposed to be playing. Naughty school girl wanting to avoid more trouble with her sexy principal. Oh yeah.

I reached for Dan’s ankle, gazing up with imploring eyes as I groveled at his feet. “Please Sir, don’t make me do detention. I’ll do anything you want. Anything.”

So I was no actress and I delivered cheesy lines. Hey, as long as my master was happy, that’s all that counted. Judging from the bulge at the front of his pants, Dan wasn’t displeased in the least.

“Anything, Miss Payson?” He eyed me carefully.

“Anything,” I whispered.

He reached down to cup my chin. Pulling up, Dan prodded me to my knees. He tossed the paddle to one side and worked on the knot to my tie. “Wrists,” he ordered.

I gave them to him without pause. My breath caught as he tied them together with the tie, one crossed over the other. Then he guided me to place them behind my neck.

With me kneeling at his feet, my hands behind my neck, I licked my lips. This was getting really good. 

Dan undid the shirt button at my throat. I offered a little protest. “Sir!”

He cocked a brow at me. “Will it be detention then? A note to your parents?”

I swallowed hard. “No sir.”

He continued to unbutton my blouse, parting the fabric a little more as he went. Soon it hung wide open, displaying the young girl cotton bra with the ubiquitous rosebud sewn between the cups.

Dan traced a finger over the top of one cup, letting it slip beneath the fabric so that his nail scraped along my skin. I shivered, and his eyes darkened at my response. I trembled, feeling his power over me. I was a schoolgirl in the hands of a man in authority who I had a crush on.

Dan spoke not a word as he played around the outlines of my bra cups. My nipples sharpened to exquisite points, making themselves obvious against the soft cotton. Though my skirt hid the evidence, my thighs were painted with the wet of excitement. 

Dan covered my breasts with his hands and squeezed. I couldn’t contain the moan of pleasure that erupted from my throat.  My chest thrust forward independent of my control.

He grunted at my response. His hands went around me, expertly unhooking the bra. He slid the straps so the cups went up and over my head, draping the bra over my bound wrists.

Dan’s fingers went back to my boobs. He grasped the swollen, reddened tips and pinched. As the pressure grew, I moaned again and writhed. Glass shards of wondrous pain stabbed into me. My cries grew louder as he twisted.

“Do you know what I think, Miss Payson?” Dan asked in a rumbling voice.

I gasped, “Sir?”

“I think you behave badly so you can come to my office. So you can feel my paddle on your bare butt.” He smirked. “Now you have to pay a much greater price. You didn’t count on this, did you?”

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