Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

Sunlight streaming in through the faux-windows simulated by a vid monitor brought Egilka out of pleasurable dreams of Clajak. He blinked at his unfamiliar surroundings, his body automatically stretching to get his circulation moving. A delightful soreness announced itself in many muscles, and particularly his backside. It reminded him of the pleasures of the night before, of the incorrigible but charming Dramok who had delivered them. The same one who had filled his dreams speaking sweet words and looking at him with a wondrous mixture of love and lust. Egilka’s cocks were throbbing with anticipated bliss of more gratification.

The Imdiko rolled over, still balanced between memory and dream, not yet noticing the cool absence of a bedmate. He was so sure he’d see Clajak smiling at him or still drowsing in contented slumber that when the rest of the mat proved empty, shock came like a brutal blow. Egilka shook his head violently, unable to accept what his eyes told him.

Clajak was nowhere to be seen.

Releasing mid-December 2015

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