Sunday, October 26, 2014

First Mataras: Michaela Release Week - Excerpt 1

Raxstad had looked away, his gaze roaming over the garden room. His lips drew tight as he considered. He had moved so that Michaela couldn’t touch him any longer.

She began to bawl for real. They were rejecting her, just as she knew they would. They weren’t going to make the awful need riding her go away. They would leave her like this, in pain both emotionally and physically.

Making it worse, she could hear lovers elsewhere in the garden crying out as they realized bliss. It wasn’t fair.

As Govi gathered her in his arms, trying to comfort her, Raxstad said, “Aren’t these flowers supposedly an aphrodisiac to the Plasians?”

Korkla’s jaw dropped in realization. “I’ve heard that. Do you think they have the same effect on Earthers?”

“It’s possible. There’s one way to find out.”

Through the onslaught of tears, Michaela saw the Nobek pluck a bloom from next to the platform. He put it right up against her nostrils. Her sense of smell was flooded with the heavenly sweet scent.

Michaela’s tears cut off as a sudden stab of painful arousal clenched her pussy and prick. Everything down below tightened as molten desire stabbed brutally into her balls. She screamed and slapped the flower away. 

Michaela lunged at Korkla, taking his mouth in a violent kiss that used lips, tongue, and teeth. The Dramok yelled and then growled as she drew blood from his lower lip. He grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head back as Govi restrained her.

The Imdiko stared at her in shock. “I think we have our answer. Are you all right, my Dramok?”

“Just fucking turned on beyond belief,” Korkla answered. His fangs, usually folded to the roof of his mouth, were down and showing behind his squared teeth. He looked into Michaela’s face with unadulterated animal lust. “Oh, I like her wild.”

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  1. Just bought the book on Amazon. Sunday morning,coffee and a new a new Tracy St. John book. Oh so happy!!!

  2. Just a quick THANK YOU.For working so hard to get these books to us, the books are wonderful :0)

    1. My thanks to you! My readers are wonderful!!!