Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cover Reveal - First Mataras: Michaela

As always, a gazillion thanks to Erin Dameron-Hill for another fantastic cover. Her work never disappoints, and Michaela may be my absolute favorite.Gorgeous, splendiferous, magnificent ... there are not enough words to express my love for this cover.

Just a little more than a week to go and it's out!


  1. Beautiful Cover. I can't wait for the book to come out.

  2. That is a gorgeous use of color and I cant wait to read this book... been waiting since Alien Interludes for Klan Govi and Michaela's story.

  3. I love the cover and agree it may be my favorite. Can't wait for the book.

  4. I definitely agree that this is the best cover to date. Absolutely love the choice of men for clan Korkla.

  5. Oh Wow, I like the other posts just love this cover and can NOT wait to read this story, What date is it out and can we pre- order it ?? I know I always ask that :0). Sorry, I always like tp pre- order my favorite authors so the release day comes and my book just shows up on my tablet, its always makes a great day.

    1. It comes out Halloween (next!) week. While I understand your preference to pre-order, sites do not allow a writer to set up for pre-order unless the completed book is already loaded up to their site. I make the book available as soon as possible, rather than make my readers wait a single day.