Saturday, December 28, 2013

Goodbye, 2013

It astounds me that another year has flown by.  While I’m always excited by the thought of new beginnings and new adventures, I admit I’m in no hurry to see this year end.  2013 was amazing for me, courtesy of my awesome readers.

This was my most successful year so far for my writing.  I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to all of you who have supported and encouraged my endeavors.  It’s not just that you’ve read my books.  You’ve cheered me on when I needed it most.  You’ve been wonderful, and any time I get down or unmotivated, I only have to think of my readers.  Every time I hit an obstacle, you urge me on.  It’s you who have made this journey worthwhile and for that, I am forever thankful.

New Year’s Eve, I will drink a toast to you all.  You cannot imagine how happy you make me.  All I can do in return is keep writing (of course!) and wish everyone a prosperous, healthy and happy 2014.  May your fondest dreams come true, my friends.

Much love,


Friday, December 27, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 2: Alien Rule

But her body clamored that she did want him this way.  She ached to have him inside her, rutting against her helpless body like an animal.  Feeling him at the threshold, ready to relieve the emptiness that yawned wide within her, melted all her inhibitions.

Jessica screwed her eyes shut as she forced the rest of her body to loosen.  “I’m yours to do with as you see fit,” she whimpered.  She bit her lip against the coming invasion.

“Indeed you are,” Clajak said, quiet triumph filling his voice.  “Push out against me.  It will open you.”

He pressed into her and she pushed against him as he’d commanded.  Amazingly, her nether orifice stretched to accommodate the intruder.  Slowly Clajak impaled Jessica, and as the girth of his penis widened, her ass became more grudging in its acceptance.  A deep ache began, and she groaned with the growing throb of pain.

“Easy, my sweet.  Push as hard as you can now,” Clajak whispered, his voice coaxing between quiet gasps.  Hearing his breathless delight made Jessica want to give him the submission he demanded.   She spread her legs as far open as she could, yielding to his need.

He crept into her tight aperture, enfolding his thick penis in her reluctant flesh.  Jessica shuddered from equal parts discomfort and desire.  She once came close to begging him to stop, but something prevented the words.  A need to be possessed and to submit to the strength of her lover overwhelmed the distress of the invasion.   She made herself pliant to his animal urges, surrendering utterly to him. 

“If you feel real pain, you will tell me immediately.  Are you all right?” Clajak asked.

“It’s only a little soreness,” Jessica gasped.  Now that he had expressed concern, she didn’t want him to stop.

“A small ache is acceptable.  It is your pleasure to serve me, even as it causes you distress.”  The steel in his voice intimated complete authority over Jessica.  

Her sex clenched around the smaller penis she’d barely noticed through the ache the larger one inflicted.  Overwhelming craving left her gasping through her moans.  “Yes,” she answered him.

“You have no will but mine.”


“You give yourself to me, to use as I desire.”

Even as Jessica’s straining flesh begged for mercy, Clajak’s smaller cock found a sensitive spot in her vagina.  It rubbed against a bundle of nerves, sending a thunderclap of desire vibrating throughout her body.  She cried out, “Oh yes!”

“I am your master.”

Now there was no line between ecstasy and hurt as his cock continued to press hard against that hot spot within.  Fiery need reverberated through her gut, demanding to be fulfilled.  Jessica strained backwards to take the prince in, unable to do so because he held her helpless to the floor.  Perhaps sensing her intent, Clajak pushed into her faster, forcing himself hard into her writhing body.  

“Yes!” Jessica screamed.

“Say it.  Tell me I am your master.”

“You are my master!”  She had only a dim realization of his commands and her responses.  Her consciousness centered on the exquisite misery in her loins and the oncoming orgasm, rushing towards her in a molten tidal wave.

“You are my slave.”

“I am ... your ... slave,” she panted, her body filling with the sweet brightness that would soon leave her shattered in a million pieces.  At last Clajak’s groin met her buttocks, his engorged flesh imbedded in hers.

He held still for an instant, letting her feel the fullness of him straining against the walls of her most secret flesh.  She gasped and moaned, stuffed to bursting.  It hurt.  It felt wonderful.  She’d never known such an amazing mixture as this of pleasure and pain, of serving and being served at once.

Clajak rocked back, pulling himself free of her until only the tips of his cocks remained within.  Jessica gasped with mingled relief and loss.

Clajak drove his length into her once more, and she screamed at the delicious torment he inflicted on her.  Her guts roiled with burning elation.  He released his hold on her to seize her hips.  He rocked his pelvis, filling and then emptying her over and over.

“Harder,” Jessica heard herself say.  Her ass ached, and yet she wanted more.

Clajak growled and he moved faster, his groin slapping against her buttocks.

“Please Clajak.  Take me hard.  Take me as hard as you want.”  She sobbed as hurt and longing grew.  She’d never known such craving, ravening her until she thought she must climax or die.  “Do it, damn you!”

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Shalia's Diary Monday Post

Shalia gets some surprising news in time for Christmas.  (On a side note, I'm amazed that the diary schedule lined up so perfectly with Christmas this year!)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and Santa is good to you!  And now for your Yule time enjoyment (and because I don't feel like writing a blog after all the decorating, present-wrapping, and eggnog drinking), here are cute men in seasonal attire:

Merry Christmas to all!  If you're on the naughty list, I hope it was for all the right reasons!  ;)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 1: Alien Embrace

            As if given a signal, the men entered her quarters.  Before Amelia could back away, Rajhir swept her into his arms and engaged her mouth in a demanding kiss.  The hot wetness of possession brought all thought to a shuddering halt.  Her senses ignited.  Amelia trembled, overwhelmed by Rajhir’s strength and the sudden stab of desire.  It licked through her insides, throbbing with insistence.
            As the Kalquorian held her, eager hands pulled at her clothes.  Amelia was too engaged in the delicious kiss to immediately understand what was happening.  Her sweatpants were tugged off, leaving her in her panties.  Realization slowly began to dawn on her, but her reflexes still wouldn’t kick in.  That tongue in her mouth was stroking, twining, exploring, turning everything tilted and crazy.
            Rajhir's lips left hers.  As Amelia gasped for air, he loosened his grip on her just enough to allow Flencik to remove her shirt and bra.  Breft undressed Rajhir, peeling the Dramok’s formsuit off in an instant.
            Her shock at the unexpected caresses finally wore off enough for her to start a protest.  “Don't—”
            A very naked, very erect Rajhir stopped her with another penetrating kiss.  That submissive element in Amelia’s personality crumbled her will, refusing to allow her to resist the unspoken demands of the alien.  Her insides bubbled with overwhelming need, leaving her to fall limp against the clan leader.  He felt so warm, so strong, so good, so ... safe.  It made her knees buckle.
            Rajhir caught her up in his arms.  “Amelia,” he whispered.  “It is all right.  I have you.”
            He lifted her as if she weighed no more than a feather.  She tried to gather her scattered thoughts, to make some kind of attempt at maintaining her tarnished virtue.  “Rajhir,” she started.  “I can’t.”
            “Of course you can,” he whispered.  “I will make good for you.  This is promise.” 
            With that he carried her to the lounger, laying her down.  A tug at her panties and she was nude beneath him, feeling his burning hot flesh all over.  Her breasts flattened against the smooth skin of his chest as he covered her with his body.  His dual sex lay against her thigh, slick and ready.  As if answering a call only the most primitive part of her could hear, her legs drew apart, opening her to his pulsing hardness.  She arched against him, her traitorous body desperate for the relief only he could give.
            Her voice was still her own, however.  “But Earth says—”
            “No Earth here.  Only clan and Matara,” Rajhir said, his eyes hooded with a desire that made her insides spasm.  “Let me love you.”
            Amelia had no excuse this time, no drunkenness to hide behind.  Now it was only a desperate desire that robbed her of sense, that and her fear of authority.  Rajhir oozed absolute authority in spades.  Her will fled before it.
            Rajhir’s prodding fingers found Amelia wet, an overt invitation to enter.  He slid one in, then two.  He pumped her hard, his palm rubbing her clitoris, sending sparkles of effervescent delight through her belly.  She moaned and her thighs slid wider apart.  Warmth pulsed through her groin, melting the last bit of resistance left to her.

Available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.  Also in print.