Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan, Honor, and Empire

            Something else suddenly occurred to Rajhir as he studied the nervous-looking doctor.  Bringing Flencik home just to give Gegra the sense Rajhir was obeying his father’s dictates wasn’t fair to this Imdiko.  That he had been ready to use Flencik in such a way brought a sense of shame to the Dramok. 
            He took a breath.  “You’re right.  I’m being an ass for suggesting such a thing.  Dinner out for two then.  Do I impress you with the fine dining I can afford, putting my excellent breeding on display?  Or would you prefer I take you where I can feed you huge slabs of meat a man of your size obviously requires, then get you drunk, and maybe take advantage of you later?”
            Flencik’s mouth fell open.  His gaze ran down the length of Rajhir’s body and back up again.  His face turned blood red.
            Then the Imdiko bellowed laughter, the sound echoing down the corridor and making people nearby pause.  Rajhir chuckled at his companion’s mirth.  Flencik had a wonderful, rolling laugh that shook his entire body.  It lit his face, making him twice as handsome as before.  Something in Rajhir’s groin tightened to see it.
            Well hell, maybe he’s not the only one suffering from infatuation.  I really do like this guy.
            When Flencik recovered enough to speak, he shook his head at Rajhir.  “By the ancestors.  You are determined to keep me off-balance, aren’t you?”
            “Absolutely.  Where am I taking you tonight, Imdiko?”
            Flencik threw his hands in the air in a gesture of surrender before starting towards the transport again.  “Somewhere relaxing.  But don’t think that means I’m agreeing to be bedded.  I still don’t know you well enough and you seem a bit demanding for my tastes.”
            Rajhir gave him a narrow look but remained quiet until they reached the transport.  He said in a strong tone, “I think you might like demanding, Flencik.  If that’s the case, you will definitely like me.”
            Flencik paused for an instant, still smiling like it was a joke.  Rajhir didn’t miss how the Imdiko’s eyes widened however, or the fact that he swallowed hard before speaking.  “No, I don’t like demanding men that much.  I prefer equal give and take.”
            He stepped onto the transport.  Rajhir prevented the door from shutting right away.  Flencik was not going to get the last word, and he was certainly not leaving thinking Rajhir wasn’t the one in control.
            Looking into that gentle face, Rajhir said, “Damn.  It’s going to be a shame if I have to punish you on our first date because you lied to me.  You know, you aren’t so big on your knees, and that’s exactly where you want me to put you.”
            Flencik’s mouth dropped open again.  Before he could say anything, Rajhir added, “We’ll discuss your true submissive tendencies over dinner.  I’ll pick you up from the medical center this evening.”

Release tentatively scheduled for March 2014


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