Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

Imperial fathers Yuder and Tidro are involved in an old argument.  With the Basma’s rebellion, things have gone from bad to worse in the Empire.  Secrets are about to come out, which could tear apart Kalquor.

                “They will learn the truth of the Earthers being brought here to Kalquor.”
                The Imdiko rolled his eyes.  “So?  Everyone always suspected it was an imperial decree that sanctioned the first abductions.”
                “But they had no proof.  With this threatened rebellion, it could lead to more trouble.”
                Tidro snorted.  “Rebellion.  The fools and their ridiculous defense of the ‘pure’ Kalquorian.  We were dying out, Yuder.  What choice did we have?”
                Of them all, Tidro had always been convinced that they did the right thing.  It had been Zarl and Yuder who had held reservations about kidnapping the Earther females that now gave the Empire hope.  In the end, for better or worse, desperation had won out.
                To his Imdiko, Yuder said, “Why we made the decision we did doesn’t matter to those who oppose the mixing of Kalquorians and Earthers.  The fact remains we took women away against their leaders’ wishes – and sometimes against the women’s wishes – which led to war with Earth.  Many of our own perished, and Earth is a dead world now.”
                Tidro’s tone turned hot.  “Due to the crazy religious faction that ruled that planet.”
                “Due to us taking their females in order to continue our culture,” Yuder corrected firmly.  “Let’s not pretty this up, my Imdiko.  No matter how desperate we were, we did something that resulted in billions of deaths.  Billions, Tidro.”
                Tidro still wouldn’t accept any of it as their doing.  “We had no idea how mad their leaders were.  How could we know they would destroy themselves like that?  It’s not like we set up the explosives and knowingly blew the planet up!”
                It was easy to be patient with his Imdiko since Yuder had long given up on changing his mind about the issue.  “It doesn’t matter what we did or didn’t know at the time.  What matters is it happened, and the likelihood is great that Zarl’s records will show our complicity.  The disaffected will flock to the Basma’s rebellion once it comes out.  There will be many shouting for justice for the dead.  I want you out of here before that happens.”

Tentative release date set for September 2014

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