Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue

The door opened automatically for Raven as she and Daagiis stepped close to it.  Raven took a step forward and then froze.  She stood absolutely still as she watched others walk past the opening.

Most were people, much like Vendeen with black eyes that upturned at the corners, golden blond hair, and metallic bronze skin.  Some were more what Raven would characterize as humanoid ... a head, two arms, two legs, walking upright.  Their sizes and body types ranged widely from absolutely huge to no taller than knee high.  She even saw some similar to the bulbous-headed aliens that everyone always claimed were abducting people from Earth and experimenting on them.   What did they call those?  Oh yeah, ‘grays’.

Then there were other ... things.  Creatures that walked and slithered and flew.  There weren’t many, but just one would have been enough to make Raven stand gaping like a kid at her first circus.

“Holy fuck, Toto, I’m not on Earth anymore,” she heard her voice say.

Daagiis chuckled.  “Get over your shock, and let’s go,” he prodded, gently tugging on her arm.

Raven stumbled after him, joining the steady flow of pedestrian traffic.  Her bare feet seemed to sink a little into the carpeted flooring, as if walking on a lightly cushioned surface.  At least it wasn’t cold tile, like what had been in the room she’d recovered in.

Before stepping outside her hospital room, she’d had an inkling of an idea that she could make a break for freedom once she had the chance.  But looking at all the strange creatures around her, the full force of her situation hit her.

She wasn’t on her planet.  Hell, she wasn’t even in her own dimension.  Where would she possibly run to?

Daagiis made it to my Earth.  That means I can too.  It’s just a matter of waiting until I know how to do it.

But Daagiis had made it plain she belonged to Vendeen until then.  Her body, his to enjoy.  The stab of arousal that greeted this thought made her angry.

Just stop it, would you?  Damn, why the hell would I find such a thing exciting?

The situation was fucked up, all the way around.

Releasing August 2013