Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday’s Serving – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue (WIP)

Vendeen reached towards her.  Raven instinctively tried to cringe, but her body remained still.  He surprised her by not grabbing anything intimate.  He didn’t even touch her breasts.  Instead, the big man brushed her long, black curls back from her face.  He gazed at her, his face going unexpectedly soft.
“Have you ever seen such big, blue eyes, Daagiis?” he asked in a quiet voice.  “They are amazing with that black hair.”

“She is an astounding beauty,” the facechanger agreed.  “The loveliest part of it is that I don’t believe she recognizes just how stunning she is.”

Vendeen regarded Raven with a quizzical smile.  “How can you not know you are beautiful, my servant?”

She swallowed at the feeling in his voice.  It was as if he didn’t see her as just a slave Daagiis had brought back.  Not an object or tool for use, whether it be for sexual pleasure or his personal protection.  He saw her as a person.  A live being.

It was in the way he stroked her face.  It was in his eyes.  Okay, so he was claiming ownership.  He was going to fuck her.  But Vendeen also recognized her.

She wasn’t sure that it should make her feel better about what was about to happen, but it did.  To know she wasn’t just a pussy for him to shove his dick into.

Daagiis was also looking at her with what looked like genuine affection.  Raven had the idea he wouldn’t have brought her to Vendeen if she didn’t mean something to him more than a protector.  Again, it didn’t change the fact that he was getting ready to enjoy her body in a way more carnal than she was actually ready to offer him, but it made the coming activities not so awful.

“Lovely,” Vendeen groaned, his touch moving from her face down her throat.  His hand surrounded the slender column and the collar.  His palm was warm, and Raven found herself straining against the order to be still, trying to arch her chin back to offer her throat.  

“I like seeing you wearing my collar,” he said.  “I like that such a beautiful woman belongs to me.”

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