Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIP Wednesday – Alien Redemption (Clans of Kalquor 6)

First draft is now underway!  The clan you readers helped create, along with Earther Rachel Hicks from Alien Interludes’ ‘Prelude to Redemption’, haa begun their adventure.  Rachel has come to Kalquor to begin a new life.  A patient in the Matara’s psychiatric wing of Kalquor’s biggest hospital, she’s been undergoing therapy with her primary therapist, Imdiko Conyod.

She swallowed hard, trying to get the lump clogging her throat down so she could give Conyod that stupid word that wouldn’t come.  Her fists twisted in her lap, wrinkling the soft white hospital gown that showed so brilliantly against her mahogany skin.  Almost all the scars were gone, thanks to a brilliant team of surgeons who’d erased the marks of torture from her flesh.  Too bad Conyod couldn’t wield a scalpel that would excise the scars from her soul as easily.
She looked into his grape-hued eyes, trying to soak in the strength he projected towards her.  His wavy, black hair tumbled forward as he leaned in, close enough that she could have stolen a kiss if she’d wanted.
Well, she wanted, all right.  But it would hardly be proper, and Conyod would no doubt be horrified if she dared.  That he had oceans of compassion, she did not doubt.  But sympathy and a drive to heal the wounded didn’t translate into lust for a broken down Earther who couldn’t even say ‘hello’.
He tossed the waist-length waves back with a quick jerk of his head.  “Relax, Ray-Ray,” he coached her.  “The more tense you get, the harder it is.  Calm yourself and try.”
His hands moved to her shoulders, and Rachel wallowed in their warmth as he kneaded the stiff muscles.  Heaven and earth, she loved it when he touched her.  His hands were square and solid with strength.  She closed her eyes to concentrate on the sensation, though it was surely a sin to shut Conyod’s face out.  Made herself take a couple of deep breaths.  Opened her eyes to his slight encouraging smile and opened her mouth.
The word was right there, flashing neon-bright in her head.  It traveled down, moving towards her mouth.  Coming, coming, almost there.  Then it ran into the roadblock of knotted tightness that refused to budge.  It was right there, and she couldn’t get it out!  Tears of frustration spilled down her cheeks.


  1. I am beyond excited for this book to come out-cant wait!! Great job Tracy--ur one of my fave writers-----keep em coming (no pressure) :)