Saturday, June 23, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday – (WIP) The Font

The knife Elisha kept hidden beneath his untucked shirt was unsheathed in an instant.  The next second he separated the guard’s head from his body with a powerful slice that left Elisha gasping in amazement.  Naya’s blood was potent indeed, giving Elisha such strength after only one feeding that he and Carlos wasted several seconds staring at each other in shock.
They shook themselves and attended to the remaining guard, locked in hand-to-hand combat with another cloaked vampire named Benjamin.  Moments later, the second guard’s head was severed too, his big, blocky body thumping to the wood flooring. 
            All three conspirators stood silently, listening to the raucous sounds downstairs of the continued celebration. 

Coming this Friday! (June 29)

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