Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Countdown to Netherworld II: Blood Potion No. 9 - Excerpt 1

Friday is the day!  Brandilynn, Dan, and Tristan are back with another paranormal adventure.  And we can't forget the introduction of hunky werewolf Bane, the undercover agent who has infiltrated the Beasts motorcycle gang:

            Bottle was still running her mouth when Bane walked in with three other Beast members, calling out gruff hellos as they entered.  The way C.K. scowled let me know big trouble was up.
            I acted fast, barely thinking about what I was doing.  I was at Fizz’s side in an instant.  I shoved my way into her, taking over her body.
            This was way different from channeling in Isabella’s body.  The channel opens herself, allowing me to sink effortlessly into her head.  In her trance, she’s not really aware of my presence.
            This was more like a rape, something I wasn’t proud to do to Fizz.  It’s also considered a huge no-no in the para world, the epitome of bad behavior.  This was an emergency though, so I bullied my way in, seizing control from the stripper, making her body mine.  Inside her head, I felt her shrink away from my alien intelligence in fear and confusion.  She didn’t put up a fight, and I was able to make her body awkwardly rise and hurry to Bane’s side.  She was lighter and much easier to move in than the cuddly bulk of Isabella, but I still felt like I slogged along in mud.  Physical bodies are heavy.   Not to mention her jeans were too freakin’ tight.  I felt like my legs had been straitjacketed.
            At least there was no difference between her reality and the spirit world.  Not having to look at two different scenes helped.
Bane stood alone, his companions having gone straight to the bar.  He looked at me as I joined him with a kind of resigned irritation.  “Not now, Fizz.”  He started to walk away.
I grabbed him by the back of his neck and yanked him close to whisper close to his face.  He was too tall to talk into his pointed wolf ear, which was situated higher on his head than a human’s.  
I kept my voice super low, hoping his animal-sensitive hearing would pick up the barely breathed words.  “Shut up and listen to me.  I’m not Fizz; I’m a ghost who has taken over her body.  You’re in big trouble right now, Double-Oh-Seven.”
Bane stared down at me, his golden eyes going wide.  His gaze darted around the room, and then he grabbed Fizz’s upper arm to haul our shared body to a quiet cobwebbed corner.  I winced at the tight grip but made no complaint.  I’d already behaved in a very non-property way in grabbing the werewolf.  I didn’t dare look around to see if anyone had noticed Fizz becoming assertive. 
Once he had me backed into the corner, Bane growled low and threatening.  “Fizz isn’t smart enough to come up with shit like this.  Who the hell are you?”
Sure no one would pickup our whispered conversation, I took advantage of it to warn him.  “Watch the language, buster.  I’m a lady.  Fizz is upset because you won’t give her a ride on Magic Mountain, and now C.K. thinks you’re gay.  Apparently, that’s a big deal in Stupid Land here.”
Bane scowled.  “A very big deal.”
From his chair, C.K. roared, “Bane, front and center!”
The werewolf agent’s lips wrinkled back for an instant, displaying very wicked looking teeth.  “Stay put right here.  I want to talk to you after I settle this.”
Well, so much for good manners.  “You’re welcome,” I reminded him. 
Not picking up the hint, Bane walked away without thanking me.  After a moment, I followed.  I wasn’t property after all.  That was Fizz’s gig.  Besides, I thought I might be of help if I stuck close.
My borrowed heart picked up speed as Levi presented himself to the gang’s leader.
“How’s it going, boss?” Bane asked mildly as he drew close to C.K. 
Everyone had halted whatever they were doing and crowded close to see what had their little piggy of a boss grouchy.  And grouchy he was with his forehead furrowed, eyes narrowed, and fists clenched.  Next to him, Bottle kneeled with a smirk on her face.
No, she’d used up all my sympathy where I was concerned.  If I was a cursing girl, I’d have a few choice names I’d call her.
“It’s not so good, Bane.  I hear you’re not happy with Fizz.”  C.K.’s muddy eyes cut to the body I currently occupied.  I felt Fizz shrivel at his angry stare.  I kept her expression as blank as I could.  I swear she tried to hide behind my consciousness.
Well, that’s what you get for whining and getting others in trouble.  Though she couldn’t hear the words, I thought she might pick up my mood. 
Bane was shrugging.  “She’s okay.  A little lacking upstairs.” 
C.K. snorted.  “Yeah, in both boobs and brains.  That ain’t her fault, and pussy is pussy, Bane.”
“I’ve been busy.  You know I’m happy getting stuff done for the Beasts.”  The agent sounded respectful without being a whining butt kisser.  I was impressed.
C.K. shook his head.  “You’ve been an ace enforcer, man.  But we don’t tolerate queers.”
Bane affected righteous indignation, letting a little anger peek through.  “I ain’t queer.  I fucked my first pussy at the age of ten and been fucking it ever since.”
Ew.  This conversation got more disgusting by the second.
C.K. grinned.  Or maybe it was a snarl.  With that face, it was hard to tell.  “Well, show us, big man.  Plow some pussy right now.”  He gestured at me.
Bane turned to grab my arm.  “You’re the boss.  Let’s go, Fizz.”
C.K.’s grin/snarl grew.  “No, brother.  Lay the bitch right here.”  He slapped the table in front of him with enough force that it sounded like a shotgun blast.  I jumped.
Bane’s cool façade slipped for an instant.  “In front of everyone?”
The Beasts’ leader’s voice was as cold as chipped ice.  “Fuck her, Bane.  I want to know if you’re a man or not.”
Bane’s eyes met mine.  In them, I read panic.  Oh man, this guy’s morals were getting him in deeper and deeper trouble and taking me with him.
            I had a very bad feeling about what this bunch of homophobic creeps might do to Bane if he didn’t perform the deed.  I could come up with only one solution.  Well, it wasn’t my body, and I found the werewolf attractive.  What was the harm?
            Decision made, I moved close to Bane.  “Come on, big man.  Show me what you got.”  I gave him a steady look to let him know it was okay.  “I can take it.”
Thank goodness Fizz had been wearing stilettos, because she was short and Bane was tall.  I was able to press lips with him.
His mouth was tentative on mine, obviously still very unsure about what was going to happen.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and hauled him as close as we could get.  My tongue pushed between his lips to run across those sharp wolf’s teeth.  Hmm.  Half-man, half-beast.  This was actually kind of hot.  I’ve always enjoyed taboo pleasures best.  And hey, if Fizz didn’t mind the threat of picking up Zoo Flu, then why not go for it?

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