Thursday, June 28, 2012

Countdown to The Font - Excerpt 4

He sat up and shrugged the shirt from his broad shoulders.  Moonlight through the trees gave her enough light to appreciate the ruggedness of his torso.  Her hands moved all over him, seeking to devour him through touch alone.  Elisha was beautiful.
Naya circled his nipples with her fingertips, feeling how they grew rigid under her attention.  She rose to capture one in her mouth, sucking gently and flicking its tip with her tongue.  A slight exhale from Elisha let her know he enjoyed the sensation.
Her hands slid down to tug at his belt.   Then the snap of his jeans was pulled loose, his zipper lowered.  Hooking his thumbs into his waistband, Elisha stood again and pushed his pants down, pausing to kick off his cowboy boots before finally revealing himself to her.
Naya’s gaze filled with the naked vampire standing over her.  Like his upper body, his legs bore the muscles of someone who had known hard physical work.  Between the thick thighs was a dark curly triangle of hair from which his manhood stood at eager attention.  She shivered in anticipatory delight.  He had filled her with it before, and she was eager for him to do so again.
Heriolf often strode about bare-chested, and his legs strained the fabric of his trousers.  He was much more muscular than Elisha.  Naya thought the vampire lord’s body looked almost comically exaggerated compared to the man who stood here in the moonlight.  Elisha was not delicate by any means but he was more finely made, a feast for the eyes as well as the body.
“Perfect,” Naya breathed. 
He smiled and kneeled next to her.  “Your turn,” he said.
Elisha lifted her dress up and over her head.  Naya was grateful the capricious southern weather had turned warm again, only the slightest coolness wafting across her skin to make her nipples pebble.  Elisha’s calloused fingers tightened the sensitive nubs further.
“You are lovely, Naya,” he whispered.  “Heriolf was mad to let you be.”
His head ducked down, and he filled his mouth with one soft mound.   Naya couldn’t help but cry out to feel the rough silk of his tongue rub over her flesh.  His fangs dimpled her pliant skin as he suckled, but he was careful to not bite. 
Elisha pulled back as he sucked hard, drawing her breast taut as he slowly released it.  Then his tongue flicked over the very tip several times, coaxing high-pitched whimpers from her throat.  His attention moved to the other breast, teasing it as ruthlessly as the first.
He laid her flat to the ground once more, gathering her tiny wrists in one hand to pin over her head.  Elisha’s weight settled over her, making her immobile as he continued the sweet assault on her breasts.  While his mouth nipped and licked and sucked one, his free hand caressed and traced and gently pinched the other.  Pleasure swirled wildly where his touch went, and Naya moaned her enjoyment.  Being held down and made utterly vulnerable as he ravished her increased the thrill.
“Now that I have the time and senses to enjoy you properly, that is exactly what I’m going to do,” he said, a mischievous glint in his eyes as he looked up at her.
Naya could only shiver at the note of threat in his tone.  She trembled as his hand left her breast to skate down her ribcage, over the tiny swell of her belly, and down to stroke the softness of her pubic curls.
There he paused, letting his fingertips swirl through the hair of her mound, close to where she was aching and wet.  He neared trembling flesh without touching her where she wanted him most.  She moved a little, trying to gain contact with that light, teasing touch.
“No, Naya.  I want you to give yourself completely to me.”  His gentle voice belied the command of his words.
“You can have me,” she promised.  “All of me.”
“I don’t want just your body.  I want your obedience.  I want your surrender.”
His words were confusing her.  Wasn’t she already his prisoner, subject to his demands?  “I’m giving myself to you.  What more can I offer?”
He smiled, her benevolent captor.  “For this bit of time, while we are together like this, I want you to give up your will to me.  I wish for you to forget your wants in deference to mine.”
“I don’t understand, Elisha.”
“Your only responsibility is to let go.  You will submit to my authority and do all I ask.  You do not have to think of how to please me, because your service will do that.  Can you obey me, Naya?”
Naya considered his words carefully, a difficult task considering he was still stroking her mound, coming so teasingly close to her most sensitive flesh but denying that precious contact.  She wanted him.  Her body begged for him.  And it really didn’t matter how it happened, as long as she could have him.
“Whatever you wish, Elisha.  I’ll do what you tell me to,” she agreed.
He smiled, and the expression made his handsome face almost ethereal with beauty.  Naya’s breath caught.  His kiss warmed her from head to toe.
Elisha leaned away to fuss with his cloak.  He drew out the rope he’d taken from the train museum.  When he began to wrap a length of it around Naya’s wrists, she pulled back with a protest.
“Elisha, what—”
“I thought you would obey me, Naya.  I wish to bind you to help you concede to my wishes.”  He looked down at her patiently.
There was no threat in his posture or expression.  Naya swallowed hard.  “What if I don’t like what you’re doing?  What if it’s something that really upsets me?”  She couldn’t imagine what he might do to her that would get such a reaction, but giving herself over to the point where she was actually physically helpless made her nervous.
“Then tell me to stop.  I won’t force anything on you that you don’t want.”  He punctuated the promise with a tender kiss on her lips.  “There’s been enough taking without your permission, Naya.”
            She couldn’t deny how delicious sex with Elisha had been, and she’d been helpless in truth during those encounters.  The first time he’d been overwhelmed by the potency of her blood; the second, it had been the insane hunger and need of a just-wakened vampire.  If Naya was honest, she had to admit the powerlessness she’d felt in his arms had been part of the attraction.  Now he was offering her the opportunity to simulate that vulnerability while having the ability to stop the encounter.
            “You’ll really stop if I say to?”
            “You have my word.”
            She shivered a little, realizing how much she wanted him.  Enough to become utterly defenseless.  But he could rape her or kill her at any time as it was.  What difference would being tied up truly make? 
            “All right, Elisha.”  She shivered again.
            He kissed her again, as sweetly as one could hope from a solicitous lover.  “You’ll be fine, Naya.  I will not harm you.”
            She held still as he bound her wrists together.  Then he stretched the cord to a thin pine tree a foot away, tying it off around the trunk.  Elisha came back and stood over her.
            “You are beautiful, Naya, tied helpless for my pleasure.”  His eyes on her were avid and bright in the light of the full moon.  He knelt down, spreading her legs so they straddled his thighs. 
Naya was suddenly very aware of her sex being open, that he was seeing her most intimate parts.  She was utterly exposed to him, with no way to hide.  She instinctively pulled at the rope, wanting to cover herself against the vampire sight she knew penetrated the shadows so well.  Elisha could see at night as clearly as she did in the daylight. 
“You will remain open to me,” he said quietly.  “Stop trying to close your legs, Naya.”
She was pressing against his thighs she realized, attempting to shield her too vulnerable sex from his view.  She drew a deep breath and made herself relax.
“Much better,” he said, and his approval warmed her as his kiss had.  “Now remain absolutely still.”
Naya had never known how difficult remaining motionless could be until his fingers began tracing her nether lips with a light, teasing touch.  She seized at the sensation, everything below the waist spasming in reaction.  Her hips jerked.
“Naya,” came Elisha’s deep voice, the tone disapproving.  “You said you’d obey.  Now do not move.”
She’d heard Heriolf utter profane phrases that she thought might fit this occasion just fine.  Don’t move indeed!  And how was she to accomplish that when his fingers were so talented?  When he was touching places that brought darts of excruciating pleasure driving her insides to bubble and roil?
Naya bit her lips together and concentrated on keeping her hips still.  She couldn’t do anything about the trembling that suffused her body, not when Elisha was so carefully tracing every fold, every petal of her womanhood.
She could feel honey flowing from her, making those tormenting fingers slide easily over her flesh.  She peered at Elisha, wondering what he was thinking as he played with her.
Their eyes met, and he deliberately withdrew his hand to slowly suck her juices from his fingers.  The groan that came from Naya was embarrassingly loud.
“I agree,” he said, one corner of his mouth lifting as he reached to fondle her anew.  “It’s not just your blood that is delicious.”

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