Wednesday, May 17, 2017

WIP Wednesday - To Protect and Service: Righteous Fury

              Kimi glanced again at Todd, wondering if he was as clueless to his own urges as she’d been. Or if he actively rejected his leanings. Well, she wasn’t going to figure that out looking at him, especially since he was walking off towards the men’s room.
              The guy he’d been chatting with, however…he was still sitting at the bar. And staring at her. It was an intense, unblinking gaze, one that gave her the creeps despite his clean-cut ebony hair and devastating ice-blue eyes. His handsome face drifted into a smile, one that made him more handsome than any man had a right to be.
              She should have been swooning with desire and plotting how to get him back to her apartment for wild sex without feeling totally slutty about herself. True, the man with wide shoulders and a body every bit as delicious as Todd’s filling out his tee-shirt and form-fitting jeans—and what a form they fitted—made her pussy spasm in a way it hadn’t since Raven’s disappearance. Yet every hair stood up on Kimi’s body, as if an instinctive alarm to deadly danger had activated. The man was gorgeous, outrageously so, but he felt lethal even at a distance.
              As a ranger for the National Park Service, a more dangerous job than most people knew, Kimi had learned to heed that instinct. She smiled up at Maurice and spoke through gritted teeth. “Creep alert.”
              “Where is he, honey?” Maurice was always on the lookout for men who made unwanted advances on women. He might not have been sexually attracted to Kimi’s gender, but he respected the hell out of them. He didn’t put up with anyone’s shit where a woman’s safety was concerned.
              Kimi knew she could handle just about anything, but she liked having backup anyway. “He’s sitting at the bar, next to where Todd was. Wait, he’s leaving.”
              Tall, Dark and Unsettling had risen from his barstool, still smiling that enigmatic smile. Kimi was on the verge of believing she’d imagined his too-intense interest until he reached the door that led to the parking lot. He turned, gave her and Maurice a little nod, and then left.
              Maurice scowled, his wide face squashing down in abrupt fury. “It’s a good thing I always walk you to your death-wish machine. Something about that dude didn’t feel right. He’s got too much of that spider-looking-for-a-fly vibe, you know?”
              “I hear you. Though I will remind you, as I always do, that I can take care of myself. I’m just letting you in on some of the ass-kicking fun.”
              Maurice rolled his eyes, but Kimi knew he believed her. Anyone familiar with her the past year would. 

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  1. Sweet! This must be the sequel to Ravenous Virtue. That was the first book I read of yours which led me to your Clan books. Love them all!

    1. Yes, at long last I'm doing a little work on the sequel when Kalquor and Risnar's schedule allows me to. Hopefully I can get Righteous Fury out next year. :D