Wednesday, May 10, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Clans of Kalquor 11: Alien Revolt

              Lokmi looked vulnerable in his misery. Somehow, the open contrition made him more appealing than ever. Wondering if she was having her own blindly stupid moment, Hope placed her hand on his and squeezed. “I think you Kalquorians are more like us than different. I’d like to test that theory, if you don’t mind.”
              With that, she leaned in and placed a tentative kiss on the surprised Imdiko’s lips.
              Hope had never kissed a man. She’d regarded rebellion and romance as an impossible mix. She’d seen her parents kiss, had chanced upon them doing so passionately, but it was not something she knew how to do.
              Lokmi knew. After a moment’s frozen amazement, he kissed her back. His soft lips firmed beneath hers. His arms gathered around her, pulling her in close, right onto his lap. She gasped to feel him against her, so firm even where there was no protective armor.
              When her lips parted, Lokmi’s tongue flickered between them. He was tasting her. Enthralled by the sensation, Hope tasted back. Their tongues twined together in a serpentine dance that left her breathless.
              Kissing was glorious. Hope decided she had been missing out.
              The intimacy of the act, sharing herself in such an unguarded fashion, had another effect. Hope’s sex felt warm and melting, like rock in a volcano turning to lava. Pleasure she’d only known from touching herself flared to life, craving more of the delicious experience. Forgetting the original motive that had made her question Lokmi about clans and given her the chance to kiss him, Hope moaned and moved against the man, delighting in his physicality. Her breasts were small, but they were soft, and she gloried in the difference between them and the granite strength of the Kalquorian.
              Lokmi suddenly pulled back, breaking the kiss. He stared at her. The cat-slit pupils had widened until his purple irises were nearly eclipsed. In a breathy voice, he asked, “What is this all about?”
              “You don’t like me?” Hope’s voice was more plaintive than she had intended. Definitely not a sexy voice. Almost whiny with want, because she desperately wanted to keep kissing him.
              Oh yeah, I had another reason to seduce him too.
              Lokmi suspicious look told her that plot was in danger of being discovered. “I like you. I most certainly do. But this level of interest is rather sudden for a repressed Earther.”
              “Maybe I’m too curious to be repressed.”
              “Maybe you want something from me. And I’m not talking about sex either.”
              Hope knew she’d been caught. There was no point in pretending otherwise, not with a man as smart as this one. She huffed in dismay. “Okay. I kissed you because I want to guarantee you’ll give me that phase device for Charity. She’s in danger, Lokmi.”
              He scowled, but not at her ruse. “Did Copeland bother her again?”
              “No, but it’s coming. I know it is.”
              He gave her an understanding smile. “Hope, I vow to get you and your father and sister phase devices. That’s why I came here tonight, to make sure they’d operate perfectly and keep you safe. You don’t have to throw yourself at me.”
              Hope tried to ignore the jolt of disappointment. “Okay. I didn’t know what I was doing anyway.”
              She thought he picked up on her tone, because his expression gentled. He stroked her cheek. “Did you like kissing me?”
              She was embarrassed, but it didn’t occur to her to not answer. “I…yes. I didn’t know kissing felt like that. You seem to know what you’re doing.”
              “I’ve had a little practice.” His grin was bright, then it became a more dangerous look. “I don’t suppose you’d like to practice? Work on those seductress skills?”
              The teasing tone made her scowl, but her pussy warmed again. She was wet as well, damn him. “What if I did?” she challenged.
              “I’m always in favor of a person improving herself. I’d be pleased to help you, of course.” He took her hand and pressed it to his groin. Hope gasped to feel how swollen and hard he was there. “Do you feel how pleased I am, Hope?”
              There was only one way to answer such a question. She crushed her lips against his.

Releasing late June 2017

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