Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld IV: Animal Attraction

Dan swept the desktop clean. The items that hit the floor would eventually find their own way back on the polished wood surface. Because he was a gentleman even when he dominated like a beast, Dan offered his assistance as I climbed to my feet. I smiled my appreciation and hopped up on the desk.

He told me, “Those wrists and ankles need some long silk scarves tied to them.”

Just as I could conjure any outfit I wanted, I could also supply my own bondage gear. I had slippery-soft scarves tied nice and tight where Dan wanted them in an instant. I loved not having to worry about issues like circulation. 

My gorgeous hunk of a man secured me to the desk, spreading my arms and legs wide. His calloused finger traced my parted slit, finding me wet and eager. I giggle-groaned to feel his rough flesh rasp against my softness.

“You like that, huh?” Dan’s half-smile was all evil. “While we’re at it, you can wear a ball gag. I’m done with that pretty mouth.”

I had a mouthful of rubber in an instant. I didn’t think twice about obeying my master. Besides, I was a mouthy gal. This would help keep me out of trouble. Maybe.

Besides, if he gagged me, there was a pretty good shot at him doing something to make me scream and beg for mercy. Not that I’d get any such thing ... nor want it. My sex zinged with excitement, sending more wetness out to coat Dan’s finger as it slid over me.

“That’s right. Baby girl likes it when she’s helpless and can’t ask for things to stop.” Dan’s gaze roamed up and down my body with an attitude of ownership. “All mine to play with as I please, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Well, I could always make the scarves holding me down disappear. I could always ‘port myself far away. But we were in our fantasy, where he controlled my pleasure and agony. I couldn’t imagine defying him in any way. Dan loved me, heaven help the man. I trusted him with everything.

He enjoyed testing that trust. “Vibrator, as thick and long as me.”

My pussy swelled with the new presence of the filling toy. I made it as flesh-like as I could, envisioning Dan’s gorgeous cock as the model. I moaned around the gag to feel it there.

Dan grabbed the base of it, which was all that was visible. He eased it in and out, using it to have his way with me. I lay wide open, a fine trembling breaking over my body as he angled it to stimulate my G-spot.

“Take it, girl. Take that cock,” he breathed, watching as he made the dildo disappear into my hairless pussy. He licked his lips. His cock bobbed up and down, expressing its appreciation of the show.

I felt so vulnerable like that, being made to take the toy while Dan watched. I was a little plaything, someone who existed solely for her master’s pleasure. The wonderful, scary thing was that he was just getting started on me.

He flipped the switch on the vibrator, continuing to press it rhythmically against my hotspot. I arched as much as my bonds allowed, crying out behind the gag. Delicious bites of excitement darted through my sheath. The dildo moved faster as I grew wetter, making its path easy.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WIP Wednesday – Portals to Risnar Book 1

              “I guess being looked at so closely is kind of uncomfortable. I deserved that. Go ahead, inspect me if it will put us on even footing again.”
              Jeannie must have gotten the gist of his tone and gesticulations, because she walked around him, looking him over. Kren wondered what she thought of his physique. She had no sensual interest in him, but was he different enough to be ugly to her? Maybe she didn’t find him exotic at all. Maybe he was repulsive.
              Being so closely regarded made Kren self-conscious. No wonder Jeannie had been angry at him for staring. It was damned uncomfortable. She went behind him, still inspecting his body.
              To cover his growing unease, Kren started talking again. “So how do I find out if you’re sentient and not just a clever creation performing tricks you were taught? Then how do we convince the elders? I mean—”
              He broke off with a yell and sprang away when Jeannie’s hands closed over the twin globes of his ass and pushed them apart. Kren whirled to confront her, spluttering. She stood there regarding him with a calm but pointed expression.
              Kren gave her the same insulted look she’d offered him.  Jeannie smiled. He ordered the shower off and started past her to the stall door.
              “Okay, I get it already.”
              As he stalked by, Jeannie patted his ass. Kren decided enough was enough.
              The flesh at the base of his spine elongated into a long, striped tail. He wrapped the end around the offending hand, arresting it in mid-pat and holding it away from his body. Kren smirked as her mouth dropped open in shock, her eyes wide as she stared at the appendage holding her captive.
              He barked a laugh. “You weren’t expecting that, were you? You keep your parts to yourself and I’ll keep my parts to myself. That’s our deal from now on.”
              As much as he hated to make such a deal. He wanted to touch a hell of a lot more than he already had.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Now on Sale: Clans of Kalquor 10: Alien Hostage

It's here! Now available in the U.S. at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance. International and print editions will be announced at a later date when they become available.

Betrayal. War. The sins of the fathers are visited on the sons and the woman they love.          

Tasha Salter is caught in a quandary: she wants to fall in love, but past trauma keeps her from commitment. The only people she trusts are her family, especially in this time of treason against the Kalquorian Empire. When she and her three-year-old cousin are abducted by the revolt’s shadowy leader, matters of the heart no longer apply. She finds herself in a battle for their survival.

Clan Falinset left Kalquor in self-imposed exile when their parents’ illegal activities threatened their honor. Dramok Falinset, Imdiko Nur, and Nobek Wekniz only want to be left alone to live their quiet lives. Yet the drumbeat of war is sounding as traitorous forces prepare to attack Kalquor. Worse still, the revolt’s leader wants his son Falinset at his side … and refuses to take no for an answer.

A wild escape attempt throws Tasha and her young charge into the reluctant care of Clan Falinset. With betrayal in their past and war in their future, there is no reason to find love. Yet passion flares between those who should be enemies, leading Clan Falinset and Tasha to realize that they are not on opposite sides after all. Together they have the chance to heal.

Yet the sins of the fathers have come to rest on the shoulders of their sons. Falinset must make an impossible choice: bow to his father’s blackmail and turn traitor to the Empire or doom his clan by saving the young princess of Kalquor and the woman he’s fallen in love with.

Contains BDSM situations including bondage, D/s, and multiple partners.

Tasha’s head swirled with a cacophony of desire, need, and excitement as the Dramok’s mouth and tongue fed on her. The weight of his forehead bore down on her pubic mound, holding her down as his tongue swirled and lapped with ruthless enjoyment. His lips, as soft as his jaw was strong, closed over her clit every now and again to deliver a kiss that made her flush from head to toe with heat.
              Falinset varied his feasting in so many ways that Tasha didn’t know what he might do next. One moment his tongue slid up and down her slit, parting the inner lips with a touch too delicate for such a robust man. Then his tongue stabbed in and out of her entrance, diving deep to make her kick weakly in the air. Back to sliding along the petals only to catch them between his teeth for an instant of heady pain. Then his tongue darting quickly over her clit, sending shocks through her stomach before shoving his tongue in deep once more. A nip to her sensitive nub, followed up by a careful kiss to soothe the hurt away and leave her moaning. And still more enthralling touches until her head swam.
              Was there any pleasure that man’s mouth couldn’t deliver? She thought he must be a walking catalogue of oral pleasure.
              His tongue was slow and languorous one moment, frantic the next. He growled against her flesh sometimes, vibrating her there so that her whole body clenched. Indeed, it was as if each lick and kiss encompassed every inch of her.
              She hadn’t meant to disobey his command that she not touch without permission. Yet she was suddenly aware of her fingers curling in his hair, clutching thick strands to pull him even harder against her. She froze in sudden fright as his face rose to stare at her.
              “You dare?” he asked softly, his eyes dark pools of black rimmed with purple.
              “Oh no,” she whimpered. “I didn’t mean – I’m sorry—”
              He rose to all fours, his stormy expression on his thick features making him like a bear. A big, dangerous grizzly bear. Tasha was too frightened to move.
              “You will pay for your defiance of my orders,” he said, his tone more terrifying for its quietness. “Turn over, face on the cushion, ass in the air.”

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