Wednesday, April 27, 2016

WIP Wednesday – Portals to Risnar Book 1

              “I guess being looked at so closely is kind of uncomfortable. I deserved that. Go ahead, inspect me if it will put us on even footing again.”
              Jeannie must have gotten the gist of his tone and gesticulations, because she walked around him, looking him over. Kren wondered what she thought of his physique. She had no sensual interest in him, but was he different enough to be ugly to her? Maybe she didn’t find him exotic at all. Maybe he was repulsive.
              Being so closely regarded made Kren self-conscious. No wonder Jeannie had been angry at him for staring. It was damned uncomfortable. She went behind him, still inspecting his body.
              To cover his growing unease, Kren started talking again. “So how do I find out if you’re sentient and not just a clever creation performing tricks you were taught? Then how do we convince the elders? I mean—”
              He broke off with a yell and sprang away when Jeannie’s hands closed over the twin globes of his ass and pushed them apart. Kren whirled to confront her, spluttering. She stood there regarding him with a calm but pointed expression.
              Kren gave her the same insulted look she’d offered him.  Jeannie smiled. He ordered the shower off and started past her to the stall door.
              “Okay, I get it already.”
              As he stalked by, Jeannie patted his ass. Kren decided enough was enough.
              The flesh at the base of his spine elongated into a long, striped tail. He wrapped the end around the offending hand, arresting it in mid-pat and holding it away from his body. Kren smirked as her mouth dropped open in shock, her eyes wide as she stared at the appendage holding her captive.
              He barked a laugh. “You weren’t expecting that, were you? You keep your parts to yourself and I’ll keep my parts to myself. That’s our deal from now on.”
              As much as he hated to make such a deal. He wanted to touch a hell of a lot more than he already had.

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