Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Countdown to Clans of Kalquor 10: Alien Hostage, Excerpt 5

              She opened her eyes to find herself facing the mirror. Tasha blinked at herself. Her new haircut framed her face softly, and the highlights many walks on the beach had put in her hair gleamed brighter and prettier than before. Her face glowed. She looked like she had slept well for months on end though there had been little real rest on the hard pallet that served as a bed in the prison camp.
              “You are an artist,” she told Nur. “I don’t think I’ve ever looked this good, not even when I was ten years younger and wearing makeup. Thank you.”
              He smiled brightly, pleased with her earnest tone. “I’m glad you like it. We have just a little more before I’ll be satisfied.” He held up yet another dispenser of beautifying elixir. “I want you to put this cream all over your body.”
              Tasha eyed him for a long moment in the mirror before slowly shaking her head. “You do it.”
              He froze for a long moment as he stared at her in the mirror. The dark that hid in his eyes came out in full force, filling his face with intense determination. All the sweetness of his expression fled from his face. He had every bit the same ruthless look that Wekniz wore like a second skin.
              Nur turned the chair from the mirror to make Tasha face him. He leaned over her, his gaze boring into her eyes. His face filled her vision, inches from her own. Tasha forgot to breathe under that stare.
              “Don’t tease what you don’t truly want to give. I mean that, Matara.” His tone said he was not one to play games … but the sweetish-spicy scent of arousal came off him to fill her nose. He wanted her, but there was clear warning that she’d better be sure she wanted him too.
              She swallowed and searched for her voice. She found a ghost of it. “I’m not teasing.” Especially not when you’re looking at me like that. Her heart raced with the thrill of his intensity. “I liked what I saw in the shower. What I’m seeing right now.”
              A slow, evil smile twitched his lips. “Then it would be my pleasure to attend to you. However, you should know that if you give me the delight of touching your body, I will be bound to delight you in return. That means giving me full access to everything, no questions asked.”

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