Friday, December 16, 2016

Now Available: Clan Beginnings: Clan and Command

Losing the one man he loved convinced Piras he would never have a chance at happiness. He is too different from the other members of the Dramok breed to attract a Nobek warrior and Imdiko nurturer to his clan. Unwilling to pretend to be someone he is not, he faces a lonely future.

Nobek destroyer captain and spy Kila’s one night with Piras was a shocking revelation. Yet he can’t stop thinking of the temperamental Dramok admiral he has grown to respect. A dangerous mission in the midst of Kalquor’s civil war throws them together once more, and Kila must decide if Piras’s needs are an obstacle…or an incredible gift. Meanwhile, he has the added headache of an obstinate Imdiko chief engineer undermining his orders at every turn.

Lokmi’s dual breed designation of Imdiko and Dramok has caused him problems in work and personal relationships. While he coddles his ship’s engines, his need to control puts him at odds with commanding Dramoks and fierce Nobeks. Dealing with hothead Admiral Piras and overbearing Captain Kila is everything Lokmi hates…until he discovers his unique qualities fit their needs. Could it be that he isn’t fated to walk through life alone?

Three outsiders fight to save themselves, each other, and the Kalquorian Empire. 

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              They entered the low-lit sleeping room, and Lokmi readied to start offering apologies and excuses. Instead, he stopped just inside the door. His inhale was sharp as he looked at Piras kneeling naked and blindfolded on a thick black fur rug, his arms bound behind him.
              The Dramok in his smart uniform had been stunning. Naked, he was mouthwatering. The long, elegant lines of his body and the lithe musculature was like a line of divine poetry made flesh.
              And he liked to be dominated. Lokmi’s interest surged, particularly below the belt.
              Piras’s head had snapped up at the sound of the Imdiko’s gasp. His usually raspy voice was soft. Hopeful. Pleading. Not a Dramok’s tone at all. “Kila?”
              The Nobek went to stand beside him. He stroked the top of the admiral’s head. “Yes, Piras. I’m here. I brought a friend as well.”
              The announcement elicited an immediate change. Piras struggled with his bonds, his voice going from an entreaty to angry demand. “You son of a bitch. This was supposed to be between us! Who the hell else is here? I’ll fucking kill you!”
              Thinking of his career and hide, Lokmi was on the verge of turning tail and racing off when Kila stopped stroking Piras’s head. The Nobek grabbed a handful of the admiral’s hair.
              “Do you not trust me after all? Are we finished? Do I give up?”
              Lokmi watched in amazement as Piras ceased straining. His face and body gentled, anger draining from his face to show longing and anxiety instead. He seemed to melt under Kila’s touch.
              “I don’t – we never talked about someone else joining in.”
              “It’s someone who likes to be in absolute control. Someone who will give you what you need.”
              Piras trembled. He licked his lips and said nothing else. Waiting. Fear and hope appeared on his face, warring for possession.
              Enthralled by the apparent surrender, Lokmi drew closer. His cocks filled with a luscious, seething heat as he scented Piras’s spicy arousal scent. He watched with avid excitement as the Dramok’s shafts rose, lubricating so that they glistened.
              Kila said, “My friend won’t speak of this to anyone else, Piras. He likes what he sees. You’re quite exciting there on your knees, waiting to be taken by two powerful men. Men who want you to surrender yourself.”
              Piras shivered. His expression showed the battle he fought between accepting what he wanted and fear of who else was involved.
              One moment he had been the fierce Dramok known as one of the best leaders of the fleet. Then he became a man who needed to be cared for and given what he craved. The two sides of Piras spoke to the two sides of Lokmi. They more than spoke; they shouted. Lokmi heard them loud and clear.
              The Imdiko knelt next to Piras.  He ran his hand over the Dramok’s chest, enjoying the smooth feel of the man’s warm skin.
              Piras attempted to move away, the consternation on his face increasing. Kila’s tight hold on his hair kept him in place. The Nobek growled, “You will stay still. My friend has no problem whipping that lovely ass of yours before he shoves his cock in it.”
              The idea delighted Lokmi to no end. He grinned to see Piras’s cocks jerk in reaction. Anxiety couldn’t mask the Dramok’s excitement at Kila’s words.
              Wondering if he would recognize his voice, Lokmi hissed in his ear, “That’s right, Piras. We can do this easy, or we can do it hard. Either way is fine with me.”
              The admiral moaned, “I don’t want a stranger. I don’t want this Nobek asshole either.”
              “Then why are you hard and wet?” Lokmi chuckled when Piras cringed, his face reddening to be called out. “Lying will get you into trouble, my fine Dramok toy. Let’s try for a little honesty instead. What you really don’t want is to desire Kila. But you do.”
              “He’s a bastard.”
              Kila rolled his eyes, and Lokmi fought off a laugh. “I agree. However, despite that and all that’s happened to you in the past, you do want him. You want the second chance you didn’t know you could have. You just have to admit that it’s time to let go of the first Nobek.”
              Piras’s anger returned. “You shit, Kila! You told him?”
              Kila relaxed his grip on his hair and began stroking it again. “Only the general situation. No names. No specifics. I swear it.”
              Lokmi traced the fascinating indentations and lines of Piras’s torso lower, lightly touching his abdomen. He didn’t miss the sudden intake of breath. Good. If Piras could be distracted, he might divulge more. He might give up the information Kila sought. “Why are you hanging on to what was? You have a Nobek right here, one who appreciates you for who you are. A man who will let you be yourself. Don’t you know what a gift that is?”
              “I don’t – I don’t know. I don’t think he can be in this for the long term. How can you respect a Dramok who’s not one in the sleeping room?”
              Kila’s heart was in his voice as he tried to reassure Piras. “Because he’s a Dramok outside the sleeping room – and the man I prefer in my bed.”
              A stab of sympathy went right to Lokmi’s gut. He watched the two men struggling to find a way towards each other. 

Available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance. Also in print.


  1. I loved it! As much as I adore off of your works and the clans, I really liked that this one was a little different given how sexually submissive Piras was. Not to mention huge insight to his past relationships. When reading To Clan and Conquer he just seemed like a selfish ass. But now I understand what he was going through and I'm so happy to read his story.

    I did notice in of your comments that you decided to give Clan Ospar their own story and I'm not gonna lie, I all but screamed, I'm so happy and glad to hear their story, whenever that is. I mean it when I say you are my favorite author and the Clans of Kalquor is single handedly my favorite book series. The only sadness I've ever had is that not enough people know about it.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and that Piras redeemed himself. :D

    As for Clan Ospar, EVERYONE wants that Beginnings story. I had to move them up in line. So next year, if all goes well, that book will indeed be written.

  3. I LOVED this book. I'm so excited for Alien Revolt!

  4. gave you a five star review. Wish the Imdiko could have been resolved before the book ended. I really love that your books have been stand-alones, and this one felt like it almost wasn't because of that. But I love your books so much that I still consider it five star, and you are by far my favorite author. You replaced Dean Koontz, and that was a feat. Thank you for continuing to bring us so much enjoyment.

    1. Thanks for the review! I appreciate it greatly. And I am beyond humbled to be put in the same company as one of my favorite authors, Dean Koontz. Thank you so much. <3