Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Countdown to Release - Clan Beginnings: Clan and Command

              Kila came at Lokmi yet again, opening himself to being tossed against the desk that usually held his computer. The Imdiko complied beautifully, and Kila went flying over the furniture.
              He hit the floor. Ignoring a brief flash of pain, Kila put on a burst of speed, more than he’d used during the entire combat. It had been a tactical ploy, in the hope that Lokmi would think his captain was a hell of a lot slower than he actually was. In a flash, Kila snagged one of the hover cuffs he’d secured beneath the desk. Still zipping as fast as he could go, he flew at Lokmi, knocking the other man off balance for an instant.
              Had Kila tried to press his advantage and take the Imdiko off his feet, he would have failed, as he had several times during their contest. Instead, the captain dropped to the ground and slapped the cuff on his opponent’s ankle. Kila jerked back, out of the way of a kick aimed at his head.
              “Cuff, elevate subject ten feet!”
              The cuff obeyed, zooming up vertically and turning Lokmi upside down in the air. The Imdiko yelled as he swung helpless, unable to escape. “You lousy shit! You told me no weapons!”
              Kila sat on the floor, panting and grinning from ear to ear as he surveyed his flailing prize. “Technically speaking, a hover cuff is not a weapon, Chief. It’s a tool that aids in subduing resistance.”
              Lokmi twisted to glare at Kila. His fangs were showing as he spat, “This is nothing but a cheat, and you know it.”
              “You’ve got me there. But I’m the captain of this glorious vessel and you’re not. If I want, I get to break the rules I made in the first place.”
              “Bastard! Asshole!”
              “Right again on all counts. What can I say, Chief?” Kila shrugged. “I can’t help that you have a magnificent ass I can’t resist.”

Releasing Friday.


  1. I am so giddy with excitement for Friday. Sheeeee-at......I'm worse than a kid waiting for Christmas. (Again, I just love all your Clan books....they are my addiction; always need more!). Thank you.