Wednesday, November 9, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Clan Beginnings: Clan and Command

             Back on the destroyer, Kila stalked through the corridors, trying to walk off his emotions. Fortunately for his crew, most were still enjoying shore leave. The halls were mostly empty. The few who walked them gave their captain a wide berth, recognizing his foul mood. They bowed and hurried on without saying a word.
              They were wise to keep their distance. Kila’s anger was all for himself, but he would have enjoyed taking his temper out on someone else. He’d fucked up and needed someone or something to punch. Desperately.
              If he’d been smart, he’d be enjoying Piras’s beautiful ass right now. A warm ass. A snug ass to sink his cock into. An exceptionally willing ass, one that would welcome any kind of play he’d cared to introduce it to. But no, he’d mentioned the man’s ex-lover and gotten himself thrown out instead.
              Kila believed in thinking positive. He tried his best to turn bad situations around, to see the benefit in even the darkest occurrence. Even now his mind was turning over what had happened, attempting to mine gold in the mountain full of shit his big mouth had created.
              Well, for one thing he now had important information. Piras was not over that other Nobek. Kila had asked if there was baggage, and the ex-lover certainly qualified. The raw pain and anger Piras had exhibited when Kila spoke Lidon’s name had been an eye-opener. In that moment, the same man who freaked out over the mere idea of killing others had been damned near capable of murdering Kila.
              That left the question, what was Kila going to do about it?
              If he had any sense, he’d give up any idea of forging a relationship with Piras. Someone that hung up on the past could not offer any future. Only a fool would pursue someone who’d already given his heart away.

Releasing December.

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