Wednesday, November 23, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Clan Beginnings: Clan and Command

              Kila scowled. He’d looked forward to beating someone up. And then fucking that someone. He still had cause since Lokmi had gone against orders before explaining why he was doing so, but anyone with half a brain would know it was a shitty reason. Lokmi’s changes were far better than what had been in place. Changes Kila had made. Yep, tearing the Imdiko apart would look too much like jealousy under the circumstances.
              The chief engineer must have sensed his victory, because he pressed on. “You’ve got six seconds of crazy speed, more than what you needed against the situation you encountered seven months ago against that Bi’is hunter-killer.”
              “You’ve ruined my excitement to turn a crappy night around. You know that? I really needed to kick someone’s ass.”
              “Your night would have gotten worse had I beat the hell out of you.”
              Kila burst into laughter. “What a class-A fuck-over this is. I’m stuck with an Imdiko who talks like a Dramok, and a Dramok who won’t behave like one. But why not? We’re at war with a group threatening to destroy the Empire if we don’t let them destroy the Empire! Why should anything make sense?”
              Lokmi watched him, tension bleeding from him as Kila continued to guffaw. He looked confused, but he offered his captain a patient smile. “Am I to assume you approve of my changes to our precious engines then?”
              Kila shook his head and fell back onto his chair, the last of the laughter dying off. “Fine, Chief. Next time you decide to defy me, at least do me the kindness of explaining it beforehand. That way I’m not disappointed over not getting to wear your ass out.” He looked the engineer up and down without bothering to disguise his appreciation. Lokmi did have a most delightful physique. That made two missed opportunities in one night.
              It looked like yet another date with his hand was in order. Kila sighed and waved the other man away. “Dismissed.”
              Lokmi bowed and headed toward the door. Just before stepping out, he turned and grinned at Kila. “So it wasn’t just a fight I missed out on? Damn, Captain. I might have waited to tell you the truth had I known how the discipline would have ended up.” He left with a wink and blatant leer.
              Kila snickered again. He told the door that had closed behind the Imdiko, “You tempting bastard. Do me the favor of ignoring my orders. I’ll show you exactly what you missed until you scream for mercy. Then I’ll throw your smug hide off my ship.” 

Releasing December 16.


  1. Hi Tracy,
    Can't wait to read this book. Is there a release date in December set? Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  2. Hi Tracy,
    Can't wait to read this book. Is there a release date in December set? Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    1. I'm trying for December 16. So far, it's looking good for that release date. :D

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too!