Wednesday, October 12, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Clan Beginnings: Clan and Command

              Kila’s one sexual encounter with the temperamental admiral had brought up some worrisome issues. Worrisome enough that he’d personally investigated Piras’s past thoroughly. Illegally, even. But Kila had to be sure Piras was up to the challenges ahead. If he faltered at the wrong time, things could get royally fucked up in a hurry.
              That one night of intimacy had brought up too many questions. Kila needed answers. Hell, he wanted answers too, and not just because of the upcoming operation. Especially when it came to one particular man, a Nobek named Lidon.
              Kila could have thought of Piras all day…hell, he’d have enjoyed nothing more than ruminating on the elegant, long-limbed Dramok until he was hard and aching. As he neared the exit from the vast shuttle bay however, his thoughts were derailed by the sight of his weapons commander coming in.
              Nobek Mostar veered to meet him. Kila repressed a sigh. Mostar had apparently come looking for him. The narrow-faced man always wore a suspicious look, but it had more to do with how his brows hung heavy over his eyes and the tight set of his lips than actual mistrust.
              He bowed. Hoping nothing was amiss, Kila came to a stop and asked, “Are you lost, Weapons Commander?”
              Mostar never responded to Kila’s sarcastic humor. Looking as skeptical as always, he answered. “No, Captain. I thought you might like to know Chief Engineer Byrcla has left.”
              Kila snorted. Good riddance. “He wasted no time, did he? Any word on his replacement being assigned?”
              “Already assigned. Already on board.” Mostar might have been allergic to humor, but Kila could see the twinkle of amusement in his eyes.
              “I guess going through so many head engineers has trained the fleet to be ready with the next one,” he observed.
              “You do have a history with them. I’m looking forward to watching you work with this one.”
              Kila’s eyes narrowed. “Why is that?”
              Mostar’s lips twitched. Kila got a bad feeling about what he would say. “This Chief Engineer Lokmi is a dual breed. Straight down the middle, half-and-half.”
              The bad feeling intensified. “Don’t tell me.”
              The weapons command nodded. “Classified an Imdiko. He is known for coddling his engines. Not so much his crew or those in authority over him. With people, he’s heavy on the Dramok attitude. All Dramok, in fact. He’s already punched a couple of underlings senseless who got mad enough to take first swings.”
              “Great. Just great. Has he started his inspection?”
              “He went straight to his duty station rather than moving into his quarters. He’s made it know he’s not very happy about the state of the engines.”
              Kila groaned. “Ah, the ancestors love me. I guess I’d better get to engineering before he undoes all my work.”
              “Yes, Captain. Have fun.” The man was damned near laughing, an event in and of itself. It would have been astounding if Kila hadn’t been readying himself for his first encounter with his latest head of engineering.
              Kila headed to the lift, muttering curses under his breath. Putting an Imdiko with control issues in his place before dealing with that hothead Piras was the last thing he needed.

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