Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                The Nobek took a deep, steadying breath. He went to a quiet place in his mind, urging his body to calm. That the princes had come back told Bevau he hadn’t imagined their lustful interest in him. Yet he didn’t want to greet them with obvious arousal ... there was always the chance something besides desire had precipitated their unexpected return.
                He hoped not. He really wanted the chance to fuck this pair.
                Bevau could admit to himself without a shred of vanity that it was probably sex the princes had come for. Many men were taken with the Nobek’s appearance, though Bevau often wished for more rugged features and maybe some honorable scarring. Being half-Imdiko was tough enough when it came to gaining the respect of his designated breed. Adding a flawless bone structure and stunning features had made the situation worse. Not that Bevau minded the many challenges issued by other Nobeks who got stupidly incensed over things he had no control over. In fact he welcomed the many resulting fights that had come his way, hoping for some of those elusive marks of honor that would mar the perfection that often felt like a curse. It was almost a shame Bevau was too good a fighter to have been dealt any of those wanted scars thus far.
                His thoughts settled the desire that turned his cocks into divining rods, eagerly pointing at the asses they wanted. The ache to dive into tight but yielding flesh subsided, leaving him clearheaded and ready to talk. Bevau had no concerns that he would not be ready when talk turned to play. By the ancestors, he hoped he would get to play with these two men.
                Feeling the welcoming smile on his lips, he spoke quietly, hoping to not startle them. “Good afternoon, my princes.”
                Egilka jumped a little as he turned from a picture that showed Bevau being decorated for bravery. The Nobek couldn’t remember which event had led to that particular medal ... he had three of them now. Clajak’s turn to face him was smooth, however, and his anticipatory grin showed no sign of having been startled.
                The smooth, honeyed voice of the Dramok prince was just as beguiling as Bevau remembered. “Hello, High Commander. No one was here to greet us, so we just walked in. I hope you don’t mind? We’re quite impressed with your awards.”
                Bevau bowed, taking the opportunity to check his crotch. Clajak’s silky voice had sent warmth spilling into his groin again. Fortunately, his dual manhood still behaved itself for the moment.
                “I don’t mind at all, my princes. This is a most welcome surprise.” Bevau straightened.
                “Is it?” Clajak’s brow crooked up and his smile deepened. The man was every bit as charming as his admirers and detractors said. Maybe that meant the rumors of his copious talents between the sheets were just as valid.
                Egilka simply smiled at Bevau when the Nobek looked at him. The descriptions of the Imdiko prince were as bland as Clajak’s were dynamic. Egilka was known as dutiful. Smart. Dedicated. Reserved. Those who chose to denigrate him called him aloof and cold.
                The Imdiko’s gaze was far from cold as he met Bevau’s eyes. In fact, the commander thought he discerned quite a bit of heat in that steady stare. He wanted to know just how hot Egilka could be.

Releasing September 2015


  1. Yummy! Come on September!
    Tracy, I have a question for you. I really loved the Alien Interludes book that revisited all the Clans. Just wondering if you would consider doing another one? I really love the way you incorporate clan characters from previous books into your new stories, but I would love to go back and revisit with the full clans and their new families. You know, in all your spare time. :)

    1. Spare time ... bahahahahaha! I have heard of this legendary creature but doubt it exists.

      In all seriousness, I have considered a 2nd AI after book 10 of the series. Whether or not that will happen, I'm not sure. I'm going to let the idea sit in my head and see if anything comes forth rather than try to force out what isn't there. We'll just have to wait and see. :D

  2. Sounds good, thanks. I'll keep my fingers crossed. :)