Friday, August 21, 2015

Shalia's Diary Book 6 Now Available

 It's out! The latest complete storyline of Shalia's Diary is now at your friendly e-book retailer. Except not-so-friendly Nook, which always takes a few more days to land. I'll update as soon as Shalia 6 gets to B&N.

Still recovering from her abduction, Shalia feels safer avoiding shore leave. Yet trouble still finds her. After her friend Candy is infected with a bio-weapon that transforms her into a monstrous warrior, Shalia begins having strange dreams and blackouts, leading to the discovery that she is infected herself.

Shalia becomes an enemy to the ship, her friends and lovers, and her own unborn child. When she discovers she cannot fend off an unstoppable entity determined to purify the universe, she must make a choice: become a soulless killer or sacrifice herself to save everyone else.
Read the whole diary for free at, or pick up the copy with the too-tasty cover by Erin Dameron-Hill at Amazon, Amazon UK, Smashwords, and All Romance. Also available in print.


  1. Phew fans myself I love the cover art! HE IS HAWWWT!!!!! Very well chosen Tracy yummy yummy yummy I will have him with a side order of chocolate syrup. Licks lips.

    1. All the credit goes to cover designer Erin Dameron-Hill. She found him and sent him our way. Isn't she a generous sweetie? ;)

    2. Indeed very generous!! :-)