Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                “These are your lodgings?” Clajak smirked at the bouquets of flowers lining the walls. His grin grew even larger when they went inside the suite of rooms.
                Egilka managed not to cringe. The suite was sumptuous, obviously designed to be a romantic retreat. Aromatic flowers abounded, along with art vids depicting sensual scenes. The furnishings were soft and billowy, inviting the guests to lounge or wallow as their wants dictated. The large sleeping surface in particular beckoned with the softest of furs and mirrored surfaces surrounding it. Egilka had been all too aware that one closet boasted items that would shame the brothel they’d just run from.
                Clajak chortled, opening that particular closet at once and discovering all the toys. “Well, well.  I appreciate all you’re doing to lure me to your side, Imdiko.”
                Egilka kept his back ramrod straight and voice cool. “Don’t look at me.  The room was arranged for by – one of your parents.”
                At the last second, Egilka refrained from telling Clajak it had been his mother who had arranged for the lodgings. “I took care of it myself,” she breezily informed him as he’d set off. “I hope you will be comfortable.”
                Comfort was the last thing Egilka was right now, thinking of how Irdis had not-so-subtly pushed this moment upon him. At Clajak’s frown, he knew the prince realized also who was behind this setting of love and passion.  The frown was chased by a look of great discomfort.
                Good. Egilka wasn’t the only one embarrassed by the empress’ attempt to bring them together. It had to be worse for Clajak since the perpetrator was his own mother.

Releasing mid-December 2015

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