Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Clan Beginnings: Clan and Crown

                The Plasian shrank back, fear registering on her gentle face. Clajak moved fast, putting himself between her and Ru’imbu. He loomed over the gray alien and allowed his fangs to unhinge.
                “The woman is not to blame, gray boy. My companion and I are at fault, not her.”
                The Bi’isil touched the strap around its skinny waist. A number of pouches and small devices were attached, much like the belt Clajak wore.
                Cold pleasure invaded Clajak’s mind yet again. Protocol has been ignored.  Bi’isils do not stand for such matters.  The woman’s life and that of the brothel owner are forfeit.  
                Egilka gasped. Clajak ignored him for the moment. Speaking in the liquid language of Plasius in the hopes that Ru’imbu didn’t know it, he told the prostitute, “Get out of here and warn your owner.”
                The Plasian didn’t hesitate for an instant. She fled the room as Clajak let his temper off its leash and faced off with Ru’imbu. “You’re not on Bi’is, you hateful gray shit.  This is Dantovon and you can get over your insult, small thing that it is.”
                Even though the Bi’isil’s face remained unchanged, its body shook with rage. It stared up at Clajak and dripped molten fire in his head with its fury.
                Small insult?  Small?  For the prince of the E’isip, foremost in the richest territories of Be’em, capital of the realm of Bi’is?  No insult is small to me, Kalquorian. 
                Clajak snorted. “Then you’ll be getting your feelings hurt a lot, Prince of Assholes. 
                Ru’imbu touched a small device on his belt. All at once, Clajak couldn’t move. He couldn’t even speak to warn Egilka to run. Ru’imbu pulled the metallic device from his belt, a tiny box with lumps protruding from it. He pointed it at Clajak.
                A streak of darkness flew at the Bi’isil. It knocked him over. The little gray alien tumbled away as the dark streak resolved into a wide-eyed Egilka. Ru’imbu lay still. It was a heartbeat before Clajak realized he could move again.
                Fury made the room red-tinged. Clajak took a step towards the Bi’isil, who was trying to sit up. The Dramok thought how nice it would be to stomp all over the little bastard and hear his twig bones snap.
                Egilka grabbed him and shoved him at the still-open door. “Run, Clajak!  The little shit has a portable stasis beam and collars!”

Releasing mid-December 2015


  1. Ahhhhh!!!!! I cannot wait for this!!!!

  2. This is going to be so good. If Egilka and Clajak are this interesting I can't wait to see how Bevau is going to fit in.