Saturday, August 30, 2014

Taking a Break

Due to ongoing personal issues and time constraints, I will be laying low for a few weeks. The Shalia’s Diary blog will continue to be on hiatus until further notice. The Wicked Words blog will also be taking a break until October 4. During this period, I will not be on Facebook or Twitter either. Until I return, everyone take care.  See you soon!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Vax took their orders himself, gave Lindsey a kiss, and left to make their dinner.
                And what a dinner. Afterward, Cissy and Tasha agreed their meal was magnificent. Cissy went into paroxysms of delight over her bacon-wrapped ronka strips in a creamy honey and spice sauce. She followed it up with a tart pastry that reminded her of key lime pie.
                “Better than sex,” she told Vax when he came by to check on them. “I’d tell you the state of my panties right now, but that would be crude.”
                Vax’s eyes went wide. As Jessica and Lindsey howled their laughter, Tasha crossed her arms on the table and laid her head down, hiding her face as if she would die of embarrassment. However, her shoulders shook, letting Cissy know her twin laughed as hard as the other two women. Vax stammered his thanks and beat a hasty retreat.
                “You – you are terrible,” Lindsey gasped, crying just as hard as she guffawed. “My poor Imdiko. He may be scarred for life.”
                “That’s what he gets for cooking so damned good,” Cissy sighed as she spooned in the last bite of tart. “How are you not 200 pounds, woman?”
                “I work it off.” Lindsey grinned.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WIP Wednesday – First Mataras: Michaela

Raxstad frowned.  He wasn’t buying the excuse.  Michaela had been angry the night before, and he felt her unhappiness was perfectly justified.  They should have fucked her.  She’d wanted it.

Okay, so she had some issues with her desirability, and the Nobek was willing to admit he wasn’t on solid ground where that was concerned.  In the first place, he couldn’t figure out why Michaela didn’t understand her own allure.  How could she not know she was the most astounding person he’d ever met?  Hadn’t he and his clan told her?  Hadn’t he been up front about how damned excited she got him?  Hadn’t he fought with Govi in front of her about how much he wanted her?  So Michaela should have figured out she was all Raxstad wanted in a Matara clanmate.  He couldn’t have been more plain about it if he’d painted it on the side of Israla’s mansion in giant letters.

Korkla had left messages on her room’s com unit.  Four messages.  Four fucking messages, and Michaela had yet to answer any.  Was the little Earther pouting or was she truly mad?

Either way, she was being hard to get along with, though that did nothing to cool Raxstad’s ardor for her.  Funny enough, he found her flashes of temper every bit as arousing as when Michaela was in a sweeter frame of mind.  He imagined fucking her while she beat her tiny fists against his chest and shouted profanity at him.  Better still if she clawed at him with her long fingernails.  The Nobek liked it rough, and he had an idea Michaela could deliver plenty of the more physical kind of fucking he preferred.

His cocks jerked at the idea.  By the ancestors, Raxstad wanted Michaela with near desperation.  He wished Govi would pronounce her stable enough for him to bring the intersex to screaming pleasure.  If his Imdiko would simply relent enough for Raxstad to prove to his enticing boy-woman how much he revered her!

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Friday, August 15, 2014

A Quick Update

Friends, it's been a tough couple of weeks. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know my mother has been in the ICU for that time. I am concentrating on family for now. That means I cannot answer comments and questions in a timely manner. Fortunately, much of the blog is pre-scheduled to go on without me, so WIP Wednesday and Weekend Wake Up Call will appear as usual.

Thanks for your understanding and patience. I'll get back to business as usual once things have calmed down around here. Until then, much love and take care.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Shalia's Diary On Hiatus

Shalia's Diary is temporarily on hiatus as I finish the next storyline. I will keep you updated as to when entries will begin again. Thanks for your patience.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Tasha wiggled her perfectly trimmed eyebrows. “I’m confirming my date with a clan tomorrow.”
                “Oh, you’re getting going right away too.  Shall we double?”
                “I doubt it.” Tasha made her snooty face, the one she used when she played at being above Cissy’s antics. “This is a more mature clan than the one you picked for a first date.  My guess is their tastes would run more operatic than that crazy tribal music concert you’re going to.  Dinner and a live theater show.”
                Cissy yawned. “How very exciting.  Are they at least cute?” She waved to forestall Tasha’s answer. “No, you wouldn’t want cute. Adorable isn’t your thing. Are they handsome, I mean?”
                Tasha closed out the computer program. “Does it matter? Looks aren’t nearly as important as what’s inside.”
                “No, it doesn’t matter.  I was just curious.”
                Tasha touched her hair, making sure it was still in its bun. “Actually, the Dramok is insanely handsome, almost the equal of Jessica’s Bevau.  He was at the party last night.  The one you were so rude to ... Councilman Diltan.”
                Cissy bit her lower lip. She remembered the dismissive look on the Dramok’s face as he eyed her clothing. I bet he’d be impressed with how I look now, the shallow jerk.
                She said, “Oh boy.  Tasha, Lindsey told me we should be careful of that one.”
                Tasha shrugged. “I thought he was quite nice.  Besides, I checked with Jessica, and she thinks Diltan is wonderful.  He often supports the measures the Imperial Clan wants, but when he doesn’t, he lets them know under no uncertain terms.”
                That didn’t sound much like the man Lindsey had described. But then, Lindsey had also admitted Diltan had changed since she'd first met him.
                He still has a thing for outward appearances. Heaven forbid he look beyond the packaging like Tasha prefers to do.
                Cissy knew she didn’t present herself as well as her twin. Most of the time, she didn’t care. However, something about the way Diltan had looked at her rankled.  Like the way he almost seemed pained by her clothing.
                She didn’t share that with her twin. Instead, she said, “I don’t know.  You and a smarmy politician?  What do his clanmates do?”
                “The Nobek is the head of their prison system.  He’s a fierce looking one, downright scary, in fact. Not pretty like his Dramok. The Imdiko is a judge of Kalquor’s highest court.”
                It was the kind of match Jessica might have wrangled for Tasha. Cissy rolled her eyes and stuck her pinky out in a pseudo-sophisticated pose. “Well, lah-dee-dah.”
                Tasha made her own snobbish face. “Lah-dee-dah is right.  While I dine on caviar and champagne or whatever the Kalquorian equivalent is, you can have the alien version of chicken wings and beer.  Let me hear you grunt, you animal.”

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WIP Wednesday – First Mataras: Michaela

Today however, Michaela’s thoughts were far from Israla’s kindnesses.  She wasn’t really concentrating on her steps either, though the Coming of Age Festival, which she and Jessica had agreed to dance at, was only a few days away.  Instead, Michaela kept thinking about Clan Korkla.

She didn’t want to think about the three men that made up the clan.  They were the last people she wanted on her mind, yet they refused to stay out of her head.  As a result, her dance moves were hectic instead of seductive.  In the mirrors, Michaela looked more like she was challenging someone to fight instead of entreating them to fuck her.

It was no wonder.  Last night had left her angry and hurt and frustrated.  Michaela simply couldn’t figure out what Korkla, Govi, and Raxstad were about.  They seemed to want her, but they wouldn’t do more than tease.  Govi in particular was driving her crazy with his caution.

If only they’d ignore her fears and fuck her!  Sure, she was scared.  Michaela had admitted that to them.  She was terrified, not simply because it would be her first time, but because she worried that her freakish body would somehow betray her.  Or, even worse, the men would discover they were revolted by her after all.

Yet Michaela knew that until that barrier was crossed, she would remain frightened.  Nothing but committing the act of sex would remove the fear.  Until fucking happened, terror would remain.

The only thing that kept her sane right now was that the clan kept coming around to see her.  That meant they were at least still curious, if not outright serious.  Yet they refused to do the one thing that would show Michaela they truly wanted her, that she didn’t disgust them.

As she thought these many thoughts, she moved in a frenzy across the floor.  Michaela had been dancing nonstop for over an hour now, yet she could not manage to lose herself in the steps as she usually did.  She was panting, exhausted from pushing herself so hard.  Yet frustration wouldn’t ease for a moment.  Her thoughts refused to stop chasing around her head.

It didn’t help that Korkla had left a message on her com first thing this morning.  It had been the sound of the device going off that had woken Michaela.  Her anger had been sparked by his careful voice telling her she had to meet with his clan to discuss the issues of the night before.

Her hips gyrating violently, Michaela yelled to the mirrored room, “You idiots!  The issue is you want to talk rather than do!  If you want me, show me!”

The outburst finally did her in.  Michaela’s legs folded beneath her, trembling and weak.  She dropped to the floor, heaving for breath.  Michaela rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling.

How could she make this happen?  How could she attract and keep those three wonderful but reluctant men?  Or should she simply give up now before her pride was damaged any further?  

Michaela unleashed a grief-filled moan, feeling the impossibility of the situation.  If only she was a real woman.  Since that was never going to happen, she thought that until she could figure out a way to make Clan Korkla hers, there was no point in seeing them again.

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