Saturday, August 2, 2014

August 2014 Update

Shalia’s Diary – It’s been a wild ride, hasn’t it? The storyline you’ve been reading wraps up this month. We’ll finally make it to the end of this dark portion of Shalia’s tale. Now for the bad news: I am nowhere near finished with the next portion of Shalia’s Diary. How far behind am I? At least six weeks – and that is a kind estimate. It could be 3 months before the blog picks up again. Blame the year and a half of re-releases slowing me up when it comes to writing Shalia’s Diary. I simply haven’t had time to devote to working on it, especially since it’s a freebie. I will keep you updated on when it will resume. Meanwhile, enjoy these last few entries that will wrap up what will eventually become Book 4.

Clans of Kalquor 4:  Alien Salvation – The rights are mine and the book with its pretty new cover is out. Once again, do not buy this re-issue if you already have it. The cover was the only thing truly changed. If you are a new reader, you can currently pick up Alien Salvation at Amazon, Smashwords, and CreateSpace (for print). Nook pulled it’s horrid formatting nightmare on me again, so either get your Nook-compatible copy from Smashwords or you can wait for Smashwords to load it to B&N. Seriously, when are they going to fix that platform?

Netherworld I:  Drop Dead Sexy – Rights revert in August.  Edits are done and the formatting is at long last fixed. No plot changes were made, but it reads MUCH better in its new incarnation. If you are a fan of the Netherworld series, with 10,000 additional words it may be worth your while to replace this one when it is re-issued.

First Mataras:  Michaela – Guess who wrote during her vacation? I have hit the 3/4 mark on the first draft ... which now stands at 103,000 words. Yes, it is another huge beast of a book in the making. Because it is going on so long, I still can’t put a release date on it. But I am daring to dream of October. Maybe.

Clans of Kalquor 5: Alien Slave – I have begun to work on edits for this one’s re-release. Its contract runs out in November. So far, so good – no major changes seem to be springing up yet. Hopefully Dani and Clan Gelan will be as kind as Clan Bacoj was.

Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions – I get a chance every now and then to play with this one. With everything else slowing me down, I have to think it won’t be out until 2015.

Thanks for hanging in there despite things going so slow. Take care!


  1. Welcome back, I, too, vacationed in upstate NY and it is a wonderful place. B&N has the new version of Alien Salvation (I just bought it). I do have it but it is my small token of appreciation, besides you keep the prices so reasonable that I have to do what I can to keep you in front of your computer.
    I’m not the only one who understands that some books have different priorities, so come back to Shalia’s Diary whenever you can, since I’m sure with all the sex going on, the nursery room will have to be enlarged to accommodate all the cribs needed and that takes time and resources.

    1. Thank you! At this time of year, upstate NY is a great place to be. I enjoyed my trip.

      Thanks for the heads up that AS has made it to Nook. And I really appreciate you buying it again -- you are too good to me! And yet another thanks is due for all your patience with Shalia's Diary.

      Take care!

  2. I agree with Helen,you need to take care of the ones that are money makers first and we loyal fans will wait for more of Shalias diary,
    So take all the time you need to get all the other book lined up and when shalia comes back we will all be here to read it :0) Hope the rest of your summer is great.