Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Tasha wiggled her perfectly trimmed eyebrows. “I’m confirming my date with a clan tomorrow.”
                “Oh, you’re getting going right away too.  Shall we double?”
                “I doubt it.” Tasha made her snooty face, the one she used when she played at being above Cissy’s antics. “This is a more mature clan than the one you picked for a first date.  My guess is their tastes would run more operatic than that crazy tribal music concert you’re going to.  Dinner and a live theater show.”
                Cissy yawned. “How very exciting.  Are they at least cute?” She waved to forestall Tasha’s answer. “No, you wouldn’t want cute. Adorable isn’t your thing. Are they handsome, I mean?”
                Tasha closed out the computer program. “Does it matter? Looks aren’t nearly as important as what’s inside.”
                “No, it doesn’t matter.  I was just curious.”
                Tasha touched her hair, making sure it was still in its bun. “Actually, the Dramok is insanely handsome, almost the equal of Jessica’s Bevau.  He was at the party last night.  The one you were so rude to ... Councilman Diltan.”
                Cissy bit her lower lip. She remembered the dismissive look on the Dramok’s face as he eyed her clothing. I bet he’d be impressed with how I look now, the shallow jerk.
                She said, “Oh boy.  Tasha, Lindsey told me we should be careful of that one.”
                Tasha shrugged. “I thought he was quite nice.  Besides, I checked with Jessica, and she thinks Diltan is wonderful.  He often supports the measures the Imperial Clan wants, but when he doesn’t, he lets them know under no uncertain terms.”
                That didn’t sound much like the man Lindsey had described. But then, Lindsey had also admitted Diltan had changed since she'd first met him.
                He still has a thing for outward appearances. Heaven forbid he look beyond the packaging like Tasha prefers to do.
                Cissy knew she didn’t present herself as well as her twin. Most of the time, she didn’t care. However, something about the way Diltan had looked at her rankled.  Like the way he almost seemed pained by her clothing.
                She didn’t share that with her twin. Instead, she said, “I don’t know.  You and a smarmy politician?  What do his clanmates do?”
                “The Nobek is the head of their prison system.  He’s a fierce looking one, downright scary, in fact. Not pretty like his Dramok. The Imdiko is a judge of Kalquor’s highest court.”
                It was the kind of match Jessica might have wrangled for Tasha. Cissy rolled her eyes and stuck her pinky out in a pseudo-sophisticated pose. “Well, lah-dee-dah.”
                Tasha made her own snobbish face. “Lah-dee-dah is right.  While I dine on caviar and champagne or whatever the Kalquorian equivalent is, you can have the alien version of chicken wings and beer.  Let me hear you grunt, you animal.”

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  1. Thank you for the peek of CoK 9 I really can't wait to read it.
    So we are going to get a break with Shalia's Diary, I just wanted you to know I understand about needing to take care of the money makers first :0) I Will be waiting for her return, I do enjoy my Mon & Thurs mornings, hot tea and Shalia. But for now it Wicked Words on Wed & Fri. Keep the great books coming :o )

    1. I am steadily working on the next storyline for SD, but it's not finished yet. With everything else on my plate, I simply can't devote more time to it than it already gets. Books like Michaela and CoK 9 plus the re-issues demand my attention first. Thanks for understanding! :D

  2. I know all your fans understand and we will all see you here for updates and news on re- issues, new books and SD, We love you and are loyal. You take all the time you need :0) Don't stress, life is to short.

  3. Oh, Tracy, please give Tasha a happy ending too. I’m another Tasha in real life and I know for a fact that opposites attract but don’t stay together – it took me 4 yrs to realize that compromising by going to the theater once and to a football game the next time, makes both parties miserable, one persons is not enjoying it and the other person is aware of that fact and feels guilty. After many years I found the person who complements me and makes me a better person and I have no regrets.
    By the snippets you have posted I can almost guess that Cissy will stay with Clan Diltan, but between you, I and the telephone post, - in real life it wouldn’t work .( I have the divorced papers to prove it)