Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Vax took their orders himself, gave Lindsey a kiss, and left to make their dinner.
                And what a dinner. Afterward, Cissy and Tasha agreed their meal was magnificent. Cissy went into paroxysms of delight over her bacon-wrapped ronka strips in a creamy honey and spice sauce. She followed it up with a tart pastry that reminded her of key lime pie.
                “Better than sex,” she told Vax when he came by to check on them. “I’d tell you the state of my panties right now, but that would be crude.”
                Vax’s eyes went wide. As Jessica and Lindsey howled their laughter, Tasha crossed her arms on the table and laid her head down, hiding her face as if she would die of embarrassment. However, her shoulders shook, letting Cissy know her twin laughed as hard as the other two women. Vax stammered his thanks and beat a hasty retreat.
                “You – you are terrible,” Lindsey gasped, crying just as hard as she guffawed. “My poor Imdiko. He may be scarred for life.”
                “That’s what he gets for cooking so damned good,” Cissy sighed as she spooned in the last bite of tart. “How are you not 200 pounds, woman?”
                “I work it off.” Lindsey grinned.

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  1. You are ever a busy woman. I anxiously await this as well as Shalia's return.