Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                Rolat finally broke through his silence. Maybe it was the fiercely protective way Cissy was grilling them about their plans with her sister for the evening. At any rate, the big Nobek had a bizarre expression that said he was amused as well as enthralled by the Earther.
                “We will escort her back here as soon as she wishes it.  We’ll let her make the decisions about our evening as we get to know one another.”
                Cissy looked him over with a narrowed gaze. Diltan also gazed at Rolat, trying to see him not from the viewpoint of a clanmate of many years but as a unknown entity, a stranger.
                He had to admit his Nobek was a fearsome specimen. Most of Rolat’s scars were covered by his tunic and pants, hidden so as not to frighten a small Earther woman. As a longtime prison guard then warden, Rolat had seen his share of violence. Having moved up as Head of Incarceration, he was now removed from most of the danger, though he insisted on frequent in-person inspections of prison facilities. Only one thin whitish streak along his cheek marred his strong features, but there was still that aura of contained brutality that was the hallmark of most Nobeks. His wide shoulders and broad chest spoke of his strength. Big and imposing, Rolat’s mere appearance demanded respect.
                Cissy might have respected the power that oozed from Diltan’s clanmate, but she showed no sign of being intimidated by it. Her gaze on Rolat was frank and unafraid. Her next statement only underscored how she refused to be intimidated.
                “Yeah, well make sure Tasha does make all the decisions, big boy.  Otherwise Kalquor will get three more Mataras come sunrise.”

No release date set.


  1. Hi Tracy,

    I know theres no release date for Indiscretions yet but I was wondering if you had a tentative schedule yet for the coming year?

    1. No real schedule to speak of. All I have is a writing order: Alien Indiscretions, Netherworld IV, Clan and Crown (Clan Clajak's Beginnings). Every time I set a schedule for book releases, life happens and everything falls apart. I'm getting paranoid about that, lol.

  2. Out of curiosity if you are willing to tell what other clan beginnings books do you have thoughts/plans for doing in the future?

    1. All of them, if I live long enough. Clajak, Bacoj, Erybet, Korkla, Ospar, even Piras. And any clans that feature in future Clans of Kalquor books, like Diltan's.