Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 9: Alien Indiscretions

                As Diltan took in the vision of beauty before him, a familiar face smiled at him from a whirlpool. She waved. Feeling dazed, Diltan led his astounded clan to that part of the courtyard.
                As they neared, the woman stood and mounted the steps, taking her out of the whirlpool. “Hi, Dramok Diltan. Is it that time already?”
                The men stopped in their tracks a few feet away.  Judging from the welcoming smile, it had to be Tasha who stood before them, her body wet and scantily clad. There was much more skin than soaksuit, so much more that she might as well have not bothered putting anything on at all. Triangles of blue hid her areolas and pubic mound and little else. The straps holding those triangles in place were so thin they looked as if they might snap in an instant, especially given the fullness of her breasts and buttocks.
                Diltan’s heart galloped as he stared. Tasha was so very lush and rounded, her pale body a dream of soft curves and pliant flesh. His cocks twitched and began to fill at the arousing vision before him.
                Rolat whispered “By the ancestors and Mother of All.  Is that our potential Matara, Diltan?”
                Wal made a choked sound in his throat. He seemed incapable of speech at the moment.
                Diltan swallowed hard and whispered back, “I guess it is her, though she’s not exactly dressed for our meeting.”
                Seemingly oblivious to the sensation she was causing, the young woman sauntered over to a table and picked up a glass of what appeared to be dlas, a rather potent drink. She took a healthy swallow, set the glass back down, and grabbed a nearby towel. She rubbed it all over, drying off. Diltan’s cocks gave another jerk.
                The woman smiled ruefully. “How did it get so late in the day?  Holy Hannah, I’ve got to get ready for my date.  Don’t worry, Tasha is much more prompt than I am.  If I know her, she’s dressed and ready to go.”
                With a strange mixture of relief and disappointment, Diltan realized this was Cissy and not Tasha. He cleared his throat and bowed. “Matara Cecilia, how nice to see you again.  These are my clanmates Nobek Rolat and Imdiko Wal.  This is our date’s twin sister, Cecilia.”
                The two men bowed, though they did not speak. They were apparently still overcome by Cissy’s lack of clothing. Wal’s eyes were almost perfectly round in his amazement.
                Cissy grinned and motioned them to follow her. “Come along, gentlemen.  I’ll take you to her.  Where are you all going tonight?”
                Diltan tried to talk, but he was almost as tongue-tied as his clanmates. He cleared his throat. “We plan to take her to the Taste of Home eatery. “
                “Oh yeah, Lindsey’s Imdiko’s place.  We had dinner there last night.  You financed that, didn’t you Dramok?”
                Cissy gave Diltan an appraising look that made him wonder if Lindsey had broken their agreement that they never speak of his terrible judgment a couple of years before.
                In a stilted tone, he answered, “I am honored to have helped Imdiko Vax realize his dream of owning his own establishment. He has shown beyond any doubt how greatly he deserved it.  I am sorry I won’t be the one to introduce his work to Matara Natasha.  It is the best place to eat on all of Kalquor.”
                Cissy’s laugh was a hearty bellow, uttered without the least bit of self-consciousness. Diltan was startled to find himself smiling in response.
                She told him, “Oh, don’t you worry about Tasha already having eaten there.  We didn’t get to sample but a fraction of what that place serves and as you can see—”  Cissy smacked her own barely-covered ass “–Tasha and I aren’t shy about eating!”
                Wal moaned low in his throat. His stare was riveted on the handprint appearing on Cissy’s well-rounded rump. Diltan nudged him, worried Cissy would catch the Imdiko staring.

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  1. I am so looking forward to this book, it looks to be a really entertaining story, Cissy is a trip, can't wait to read it!!!

  2. Like Terri & Kathy can Not wait for this book. I have a feeling its going to be good.

  3. Make it universal, I'm dying to read this one too! :-)

  4. Can't wait for this book to release...

  5. Same hear, christmas 2014 would be so great. Lol

  6. Can't wait either for this book *grins*

  7. Great! Another book that I just can't wait to devour and I am going to have to... **head/desk head/desk head/desk**

    Tracy don't you have a magic wand or something that you can wave or something to make this go faster??? :) !!

    1. What I need is for these idiots to stop having marathon sex sessions. It takes me days to get through those scenes!!!!!! Damned Kalquorians are so inventive in the playroom.

    2. Okay, well I can, maaaybeee, forgive the time lag for that excuse and ONLY that excuse. Kalquorian lovin' x 3 (YUM!) takes time with all the equipment set up, dual penial insertions and that oh so delicious need they have to give multiple mind-blowing orgasms. Hmmmmm. Sorry, what was I complaining about?

      You're forgiven. Sorta...

  8. Oh I so can't wait for this book. I love your entire series.

  9. Much as I hate waiting I agree Lisa there is a lot to include with all that, I understand it takes time. Wishes I could create a time machine and hop to the future, just to read Tracy's books. :-)