Wednesday, January 1, 2014

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan, Honor, and Empire

First date for Rajhir and Flencik:

            Within minutes, Rajhir and Flencik were being led to a table in the restaurant that was popular with those their age.  Ogrig’s was a good place for unclanned young men to meet or bring potential clanmates ... or just temporary playmates, as was often the case for Rajhir.
            As they moved among the crowd, Rajhir noted the awed looks his big, broad companion received.  Flencik seemed oblivious to the attention he got.  He was probably used to it, Rajhir thought.
            As he passed a Dramok standing near the bar with a Nobek, he heard the Dramok say, “Now that’s a lot of Imdiko.  Imagine trying to pin him down.”
            Rajhir didn’t hear the Nobek’s reply.  His fists clenched momentarily at the crudeness, and he thought about challenging the other Dramok for making the comment on his date.  Damn it, Flencik was his, at least for tonight.  For all that Dramok knew, they were clanmates.  Someone needed to be taught manners.
            Rajhir was tempted, but he decided to let it pass when he noted Flencik hadn’t seemed to overhear the remark.  His face had a look of happiness, an expression Rajhir was loathe to take away.  Flencik was a gentle Imdiko, and a confrontation over him might be upsetting for the doctor.  In this case, Flencik’s pleasure was more important than righting an insult.
            They reached the table Rajhir had reserved, one in a corner that allowed private conversation while letting them have a good view of the other diners and people at the bar.  Flencik sank down on his dark blue floor cushion with an appreciative sigh, letting Rajhir know he’d been on his feet for a good portion of the day.
            Rather than sitting across the round table from the Imdiko, Rajhir took the cushion next to him, sitting a mere foot away.  He didn’t miss Flencik’s glance at the small space between them, nor the flush that crept up his neck to stain his face.  Rajhir grinned and punched a button on the touch screen imbedded in the table, bringing up a floating vid of the drink menu.

Tentatively scheduled to release March 2014


  1. This sounds interesting! Can't wait to read the rest.

  2. I know, March is so very far away.