Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 8: Alien Caged

Zemos fixed him with a steady look.  “The war is over, Captain.  You need to surrender your vessel.  Not to Kalquor.  Go to the Galactic Council and surrender to them.”

Despite the care etching worry lines, Walker’s features were still those of a young man, and he looked almost like a child to the Dramok as he shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other.  “It would make life simpler wouldn’t it?  I let that option go three years back when the war ended, though.  It’s too late.”

Miragin spoke, his tone gentle.  “It is never too late to listen to your conscience.  It’s obvious you’re a good man with high values.  You can still end this useless madness of fighting our destroyers and taking us prisoner.”

Zemos added, “Earth is dead.  Your people scattered.  Why are you still fighting?”

Walker scowled, his shoulders hunching defensively.  Yes, at just over 30 years of age, he was only a boy compared to Zemos, and he certainly looked the part right now.  “Because that’s what a man who’s backed into a corner does.  He fights or he dies.”

“Somehow we’ve become a weapon for you.”

Walker gave him a startled look.  “Why do you say that?”

Zemos stepped close to the containment field so he could be closer to Walker.  He folded his arms over his chest and looked down on the Earther, doing his best paternal attitude.  “There is no other reason to keep us alive.  You plan to use us somehow.  As weapons – or as bartering objects.”

Walker’s gaze skittered away.  Aha, thought Zemos.  That’s what’s going on then.  We’re some sort of bargaining tool for the Earthers.

Unfortunately, his discovery had rattled young Captain Walker.  He took a step back and glanced down the corridor, apparently ready to leave.

The Earther said, “I’ll see what I can do to have the tactical officer move personnel around so you don’t have to deal with Remington anymore.”

“Joseph—” Zemos started, trying to keep the young man from leaving.  He needed to know what the Earthers had in store for him and what survived of his crew.

Walker interrupted, talking even as he walked away.  “I have to get back to the bridge.  I’ll check on things again soon.”  He nearly ran out of the cell block.

Tentative release in October.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday’s Serving – Clans of Kalquor 8: Alien Caged (WIP)

Walker was a young man, even by Earther standards, but he had an old look on his face.  As usual, Zemos felt an unwelcome stab of pity for his captor.  Walker was the enemy, but he was the nicest enemy the Dramok had ever encountered.  It seemed odd to wish the man who had demolished Zemos’ destroyer and taken his surviving crew prisoner was an asshole.  The Kalquorian wished for nothing more than to be able to hate Walker as easily as he hated Remington, but the damned man wouldn’t grant him the luxury.

Walker looked at Remington with tired disgust.  “You were reminding them of their place by killing them?”  He snorted with derision.  “I’m sure after they’re dead they’ll accord you all the respect you can wish for.  Get back to the observation post.”

Remington looked aghast.  “You want me to leave you alone with them?”  As if he hadn’t done that very thing with the much more helpless Elisa.

Walker tapped the containment field, and a flare of bright yellow light made Zemos squint.  “Since you weren’t foolish enough to drop the field, I think I will be fine.  Out, Ensign.  At the end of your shift, you may report to your superior for disciplinary measures.  I will inform him of your dangerous actions with the prisoners.”

“Yes sir.”  His face angry and embarrassed, Remington holstered his blaster and field disruptor.
Walker watched him slouch out of the room, waiting for Remington to get out of earshot before turning his attention to Zemos and his clan.  He sighed as he met the Kalquorian’s eyes.

“My apologies to you and your clan, Captain Zemos.  I am glad none of you were hurt.”

Zemos spoke to him much as he might a member of his own crew who had committed an infraction.  “That one should be watched most carefully, Captain Walker.  He is trouble not only to us but to members of your own crew.”

Release tentatively set for October.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 2: Alien Rule

            “I’ve never done this,” she whispered, her gaze locked on the two bullet-shaped organs.
            “I will be delighted to teach you.”
            Clajak put one hand on the back of her head while grasping the larger of his members with the other.  He ran the tip of the smooth-skinned cock over her lips, wetting them with his lubricant.  She licked the fluid, tasting the sweet spice of him.  She’d been afraid she wouldn’t like the taste, that it would make her gag.  However, Clajak’s lubrication was like cinnamon sugar. 
            “Kiss it as you would my lips,” he said, and Jessica did, her mouth slightly parted, her tongue flicking out to tease.  He was warm against her mouth, and she kissed his cock again, then again, becoming more passionate.  Her hands gripped Clajak’s buttocks, squeezing the rock hard flesh as she slid her mouth over the tip of him, wrapping her tongue around his sex.
            Sounding strained, Clajak’s honeyed voice commanded, “Now use your hand on it while you kiss the other one, my sweet.”
            Jessica wrapped her hand around the larger penis.  “Firmly,” the prince coached.  “Yes, stroke me just like that.  Now your mouth.”
            Jessica tilted her head to one side to get to the smaller penis beneath her working hand.  It had no opening for ejaculation; she guessed it had evolved for pleasurable purposes only.  Remembering how Clajak’s finger had felt inside her anus made her shiver with anticipation.  How would it feel to have this thicker, longer flesh moving within her?
            She kissed and licked, delighting in Clajak’s sweet-spicy flavor.  At his urging, she alternated between the two organs, both of her hands working his hard, fevered sexes.  The veins running the lengths beneath each penis throbbed against her palms.  He gasped and moaned as she serviced him, letting her know how much he enjoyed it.
            Pleasuring the prince brought its own rewards.  Her belly had begun heating again, as if readying for more passion.  The insides of Jessica’s thighs were slick with her flowing juices when Clajak pulled away.  He looked down at her, his chest heaving with quick breath.  He put his hands on either side of her head, pulling it back with his fingers tangled in her hair.
            “Lean forward.”  His voice was breathy, but still filled with command.  She did as he directed.  “Now I will fuck your sweet mouth,” he whispered.  His predatory expression lent danger to his face.  His fangs reappeared, giving Jessica an erotic fear-tinged thrill.  “You feel how when your head is tilted like this, that your mouth and throat are in a straight line?”
            “Yes.”  Her voice was a bare whisper.
            “It will help you to keep from choking.  Keep your throat relaxed, breath only when I pull out, and you will be fine.”
            He stepped close and bent over her, angling his larger penis.  Jessica opened her mouth wide for him.  His cock slid over her tongue, the vein throbbing.  He slid in further, past the back of her mouth and into her throat.  She stopped breathing, forcing herself to relax against the gag reflex.  Clajak’s smaller penis ran down the outside of her throat, leaving a wet trail in its path.  He continued to fill her with himself until his groin met her lips.
            He pulled back until just the tip remained in her mouth.  Jessica took a breath, then Clajak filled her mouth and throat again. 
            Listening to her lover’s breathing come faster, she filled with a sense of pride.  The prince was finding pleasure with her, as inexperienced as she was.  While she had always thought of herself as a strong, independent woman, she found it exciting to serve him.  Hearing him command her to satisfy his flesh made her eager to do so. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue

The two men turned to her.  Daagiis said, “No camouflage for this exercise.  We’ll go hand-to-hand and test your abilities.”

Raven looked from one to the other.  She was used to being the smallest kid on the block, but she was still up against two muscled men who had unknown fighting abilities.  She scowled.

“So, no weapons.  Me against the two of you.  And this is fair because—?”

Daagiis grinned at her grumpy tone.  “Because I am going to load a program into your interface.  It contains all the information you need to defend yourself against two larger, stronger assailants.  Hold still.  You’ll go offline for a few moments.”

Before Raven could ask him what he meant by going offline, the face-changer grasped the underside of her jaw, holding her still while he plugged something into small port at the base of her skull.  Daagiis had pointed it out to her as he’d braided her hair.  The idea she had an actual computer port in her head plus a computer had been surreal, to say the least.  

She was definitely not in Kansas anymore.

The instant Daagiis plugged his device in, Raven couldn’t move.  A strange buzzing, felt more than heard, filled her skull.  Her mouth fell open and in a voice not quite hers, Raven said in a monotone, “Download successful.”

Daagiis unplugged what looked like a slender rod from her port.  Raven could think and move again, and she staggered a little.  Vendeen grabbed her shoulder to steady her.

Raven shook her head.  “Holy shit.  That was not pleasant.”

Vendeen thumped the back of his hand against her abdomen, letting her feel a slight thud from his knuckles.  “Your bodysuit is flexibly armored.  It will record any kill blows we land, but other than extreme pain—” he grinned evilly “—you will not truly be harmed.”

Daagiis added, “Head shots to you are off limits, but you are free to attack us in any way you wish.”

Raven gave him the meanest look she could summon.  “You don’t think I can do any harm?”

Daagiis rolled his eyes.  “Of course you can.  If we are foolish enough to allow it, we don’t deserve to live.”

Raven stared at him in shock.  The two men were serious about this.  The grim looks they gave each other told her they meant business.

Vendeen narrowed his black eyes at her.  “Let’s see what you know, my protector.”

Releasing in August

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday’s Serving – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue (WIP)

Daagiis provided Raven with a sleek, one-piece garment like his and Vendeen’s.  He referred to it as a ‘camosuit’.  She wasn’t sure why it was called that since it had none of the olive and green or desert splashes of color she’d come to associate with camouflage clothing.  The iridescent black that shimmered beautifully in the light.  It had attached feet, the soles of which were made for serious traction like hiking boots.  It also had a hood to cover her head with, along with the attached gloves.

When she pulled it on, she discovered the thick padding over her torso and back.  At her questioning look, Daagiis nodded.  “Body armor, similar to the Kevlar vest you weren’t wearing the day you got shot.”

Raven scowled at that dig, but Daagiis was absolutely right.  Arizona desert heat or not, she should have been better protected.  Not wearing her vest had been a stupid mistake, one she’d very nearly paid the ultimate price for.

As soon as she had the bodysuit on, Daagiis said, “Say, ‘activate camouflage’.

Raven did so and gasped to see her body disappear.  Well, not quite disappear.  It simply showed everything behind her.  Her long, black hair seemed to float in thin air.

“If you put your hood on, your head will be camouflaged as well,” Vendeen said.  He demonstrated with the suit he wore.  Other than a slight distortion in the air when he moved, he had become invisible.

“It even works for the face though there’s nothing over it,” Raven noted with awe.

“It emits a field that takes care of that part of you.”

“Cool,” she breathed.

Vendeen said, “Deactivate camoflage,” and reappeared.  Raven followed suit.

“Anyone wearing thermal goggles will still pick up your body heat, but you’ll escape most detection by the naked eye,” Daagiis said.  He pulled out one of the dining chairs.  “Sit down.”

Releasing in August.