Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan, Honor, and Empire

            Gegra looked at him with visible pride.  “My son, Dramok Rajhir.  Here you are, a young man on the threshold of his life.  Schooling and internships completed, ready to begin your journey into a life of service to your people.  I have offered my congratulations?”
            Rajhir bowed his head in respect.  “Yes, my father.  Even if you had not spoken them, the new shuttle you gave me would have sufficed.”
            “Enjoying it, I presume?”
            Rajhir thought of how impressed his recent Imdiko dates had been with the sleek vehicle, the newest model fresh from the factory.  He thought the Matara he planned to enjoy the night with would be quite delighted to be escorted in such finery too.  He couldn’t help the grin that spread over his face.  “I’m enjoying it very much.”
            Gegra snorted.  “I thought so.  Imdiko Iresh’s father contacted me two days ago to remind me his son, as infatuated as he is with you, is already promised to another Dramok.  He requested you stop turning the young man’s head with expensive dinners and fine shuttles.”
            “He’s not clanned yet.  Iresh can enjoy his freedom while he has it.  Besides, I’m not chasing him.  We were only having a night out as far as I’m concerned.”
            “Good, because it’s now time to get serious about your future.  While we’re on the subject of Imdikos, you have been of clanning age for two years now.  No valid prospects yet?”
            “Nothing of note.”  Rajhir was in no hurry to settle down quite yet.  He greatly enjoyed the few Mataras available, both their company and their bodies.  His family’s connections and high rank had allowed him the rare opportunity to bed the scant few in the territory.  Rajhir knew six such women, and to judge by how they always commed him when they visited the area, he knew they enjoyed him too.  One of them had contacted him just today to let him know she expected to see him tonight, and he looked forward to the diversion.
            To gain a female as a permanent mate, to even court one seriously, required Rajhir first clan a male from each of the other two breeds, a Nobek and an Imdiko.  He had not yet met many men he was particularly attracted to so far, certainly none he wanted to spend the rest of his 200-plus remaining years of life with.  Besides, he was having fun with the various men and women he took to dinner, events, and his apartment.
            Gegra had other ideas.  “You need to get to work on that.  Those Imdikos become almost as rare as the women in a dozen years or so.”

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