Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday’s Serving – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue (WIP)

Daagiis provided Raven with a sleek, one-piece garment like his and Vendeen’s.  He referred to it as a ‘camosuit’.  She wasn’t sure why it was called that since it had none of the olive and green or desert splashes of color she’d come to associate with camouflage clothing.  The iridescent black that shimmered beautifully in the light.  It had attached feet, the soles of which were made for serious traction like hiking boots.  It also had a hood to cover her head with, along with the attached gloves.

When she pulled it on, she discovered the thick padding over her torso and back.  At her questioning look, Daagiis nodded.  “Body armor, similar to the Kevlar vest you weren’t wearing the day you got shot.”

Raven scowled at that dig, but Daagiis was absolutely right.  Arizona desert heat or not, she should have been better protected.  Not wearing her vest had been a stupid mistake, one she’d very nearly paid the ultimate price for.

As soon as she had the bodysuit on, Daagiis said, “Say, ‘activate camouflage’.

Raven did so and gasped to see her body disappear.  Well, not quite disappear.  It simply showed everything behind her.  Her long, black hair seemed to float in thin air.

“If you put your hood on, your head will be camouflaged as well,” Vendeen said.  He demonstrated with the suit he wore.  Other than a slight distortion in the air when he moved, he had become invisible.

“It even works for the face though there’s nothing over it,” Raven noted with awe.

“It emits a field that takes care of that part of you.”

“Cool,” she breathed.

Vendeen said, “Deactivate camoflage,” and reappeared.  Raven followed suit.

“Anyone wearing thermal goggles will still pick up your body heat, but you’ll escape most detection by the naked eye,” Daagiis said.  He pulled out one of the dining chairs.  “Sit down.”

Releasing in August.

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