Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday – Clan Beginnings: Clan, Honor, and Empire

            Rajhir and Flencik left Ospar’s chambers, heading towards the in-house transport.  As he hurried to keep step with his long-legged companion, Rajhir put his earlier amusement away.
            “You didn’t wait for my call.”
            The Imdiko glanced at him, blinking at the disapproval in Rajhir’s tone.  When Rajhir met his gaze, Flencik colored again, this time with shame.
            “I – I had the perfect chance to make those copies.  I wasn’t sure I’d get another.”
            “I was worried about your safety.  I was going to tell you to go ahead with copying the files, but I wish you would have waited.”
            Flencik’s brow creased.  “Why?”
            Rajhir shook his head.  “I told you I don’t know Ospar that well.  I wanted to be sure you weren’t risking your career on a fool’s errand.”
            Despite the scowl he said it with, Flencik suddenly looked pleased with Rajhir’s concern.  “That’s very kind of you.  You’re put out with me, aren’t you?”
            Rajhir halted and Flencik did the same.  The Dramok put his hands on his hips and looked up at his bigger companion, searching the doctor’s open, trusting face.  He said, “You’re only a year younger than me, but you seem so damned innocent.  I don’t like that you didn’t wait for me to confirm it was worth the attempt.  That wasn’t smart on your part.”
            Despite Rajhir’s censure, Flencik grinned.  “That’s very Dramok of you to say such a thing.”
            The Imdiko seemed almost giddy to be getting Rajhir’s stern attention.  He really was infatuated, and Rajhir decided Flencik indeed was perfect to satisfy Gegra with.
            Folding his arms over his chest, still displaying disapproval but letting a hint of flirtation appear, Rajhir said, “I’m upset with you, Flencik.  Perhaps you’d like to make it up to me?”
            Several emotions flitted across the Imdiko’s expression, each interesting to Rajhir and easy to read:  worry, hope, and suspicion.  The man truly had no guile. 
            Settling for caution, Flencik answered his challenge with, “It all depends on what you have in mind.”
            “Dinner.  Tonight.”
            Flencik’s grin lit his face.  “Okay.”
            Rajhir let the last of his stern reproach ease.  “Good.  I’ll tell my parents’ kitchen staff to make extra.”
            Flencik’s smile dimmed immediately.  “Oh.  No, no, I just remembered.  I have plans tonight.  Maybe some other time, but thanks.”
            He turned and began walking to the transport again, leaving Rajhir gaping.  The Dramok recovered and hurried after Flencik, trotting to pass the big man and stand in his way.  He made the doctor stop.
            “What just happened?”
            Flencik refused to meet his gaze.  “I told you—”
            Rajhir interrupted him.  “I heard what you told me, and I’m calling bullshit.  You don’t want to eat with my parents?”
            The Imdiko still wouldn’t look Rajhir in the eye.  He shuffled nervously and said, “I’m sure they’re fine people.  I just – they might get ideas about us and we’ve just met.  I don’t know anything about you, Rajhir.  It’s not proper.”
            Rajhir looked closely at the other man.  Something about what Flencik said – or maybe it was the way he said it – still had the Dramok calling bullshit in his thoughts.  It really bothered the Imdiko that Rajhir had wanted to take him to his parent clan.

Release tentatively set for March 2014.


  1. I'm on pins and needles waiting for this one. The Clan Beginnings books are my favorites of the Kalquor series.

  2. Hey Tracy, why don't you have an author page on That is where I found you and they post your blogs and reviews of your books.

    1. Elisa, plenty of my readers like Goodreads, so I don't usually like to speak against that site. On the surface, Goodreads is a good idea. Unfortunately, my books have turned up there in the past with inaccurate descriptions (that's the book description itself and not reviews) and rated long before they come out. Don't get me wrong; I'm glad for the exposure and delighted that people take time to review. However, I can't be part of a site that has books reviewed before they've even been released. It's not an ethical practice and misrepresents the books. I'm not sounding off with sour grapes over bad reviews either; the pre-release reviews I found for Alien Caged were all 5-stars. I just can't bring myself to support a site like that. If they can correct such issues, I'll reconsider being an active part of Goodreads.

    2. I always thought that the early reviews were from people who were given advance copies so they could review them before the book was published. I've been known to be wrong before though.

      I do know that I've found most of my recent new authors on that site. At least they are still letting us know when you have new blog postings as well as your new books. I don't have time to check out all my authors sites and this is a nice central location to find them all at.

      One of the things I have liked about your posts are that you have such strong opinions on things and stick to your guns about them. Not too usual nowadays. If you aren't comfortable about them, I understand. I'll still be checking in here anyways.

      Thanks for taking the time to reply to my posting. Best regards, Elisa

    3. LOL, the only people who see my books before they are released are the editors. The moment I have a book formatted and ready, I put it up for sale. I don't give myself time to send out advance copies to anyone...I'm too impatient to get books to everyone asap!

      Apparently, you can post a review on Goodreads long before the book is even finished being written, which is what happened with Alien Caged. My understanding behind that is people can use the system to show how they are anticipating the book, not just post a valid review. I don't think the practice is really justified. After all, isn't there a 'want to read' option on Goodreads?

      Again, I have nothing against Goodreads as a way for people to discover new authors, as you have. It is a decent vehicle to promote books. If I could use it in good conscience, I would. I just think that particular glitch lends itself to way too much potential for misleading readers. Seriously, what if Alien Caged had sucked and people bought it because they believed as you had...that advance copies had gone out and the book had been honestly evaluated as 5-star material after being read? It wouldn't have been fair, in my opinion. But you know what they say about opinions, lol. ;) Tons of people love Goodreads, and if it works for them, great. I'm delighted that you found Kalquor through their site. I owe Goodreads thanks for that!

      Take care!

    4. Frankly, I don't care how I found Kalquor, I'm just glad I did as I've gotten so many hours of enjoyment from them. Most of them twice. lol

      I know you are busy, so just let this end this discussion with my thanks for being brave enough to publish your first book and all those that have followed.