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Repost - Reader's Questions Answered (Part Two)

We’re back with more of your questions.  You can see the first half of this post here.  This will be another long blog, so let’s get to it.

Q:  I was wondering if you're ever going to have a clan that isn't exactly structured normally.  Like they have four male members or maybe a clan that has two Nobeks, Imdikos, or Dramoks rather than the normal one of each breed.  I've only recently started to wonder how interesting it might be to see a clan that isn't normally structured or a clan that has been disgraced or exiled.

A:  While it would be interesting to see a differently structured clan, Kalquorian law doesn't recognize same breed clanning.  In fact, there is the concern in which Dramok Gelan (from Alien Slave) is believed to be a mis-classified Nobek by his clanmates.  They do not discuss it, as a re-classification would de-clan the group, and none of them want that.  They would almost definitely remain together, but they would not be recognized as a legitimate clan. 

There was a situation in which we did see a kind of four-man clan in Alien Rule.  Dramok Pwaldur was more the head of Clan Wagnox than Dramok Wagnox was.  While they didn't live together, Pwaldur definitely pulled the strings of a clan that wasn't his.  He plotted with them to kill off his own clan along with two of Clajak's parents.  He planned to go into exile with them, along with Michaela and Jessica.  It makes you wonder how tightly interwoven those four men really were, doesn't it?

Q:  When Matara Lindsey first clanned they let her go, then took her back. Then when she got to the planet one of the Kalquorians wanted her to de-clan her clan. I thought once clanned they where clanned for life.

A:  Lindsey is the sister of Kalquor’s empress, which makes her a special case.  The Imperial Family has more leeway than most Kalquorians when it comes to clanning.  The reason?  Most Kalquorians believe that the Imperial Clan has enough on their plate worrying over affairs of state ... they can’t also be worrying over family members who have not chosen good clanmates.  Therefore, if someone closely connected to the Royals is in an ‘unfit’ clan, that connection can be dissolved.  Bacoj was concerned his clan wasn’t good enough for Lindsey because they had little rank, status, and money.  That was more than enough reason to allow him to de-clan her.  Dramok Diltan tried the same argument to get Lindsey to leave her low-ranking clan in the hopes she’d become his Matara.  Fortunately, true love doesn’t have a price tag, so Lindsey indeed clanned for life.

Q:  I've been wondering about the single ladies of Kalquor. The Earther girls that aren't repressed or the ones that were 16-17 years old who will be in their early to mid twenties soon. Their friends have gotten clanned and they themselves will soon start dating off the auction if they haven't already. That means they've been going to school and working alongside these guys for years! (Excuse the crudeness but I'd be like a bitch in heat.)

Now my question is can she date unclanned guys? What if she falls for a guy or two that aren't part of a full clan? Is she allowed to date unclanned guys and is she allowed to form her own clan?

A:  Surviving Earthers are not under Kalquorian jurisdiction, unless they are adults and have chosen to go to Kalquor.  The majority’s needs are overseen by the Galactic Council following the destruction of Earth’s central government due to Armageddon. 

For that reason, underage Earther females are not allowed on Kalquor or its colonies unless they are accompanied by an adult Earther parent or legal guardian.  Underage girls may not be clanned without said guardian’s permission either. This came about because many surviving Earthers who continue to reject Kalquorians protested that these youngsters would be indoctrinated against traditional Earther beliefs.  The issue of those younger girls orphaned by Armageddon was addressed in Sister Katherine. 

A single adult (18 years +) Earther female may indeed see unclanned men for recreation (whether that be dinner or sex).  In fact, she is encouraged to do so in the absence of worthy clans seeking her as a Matara.  The thought behind that is the formerly repressed Earther woman can fully explore her desires and understand what it is she wants from her men before choosing lifemates. 

If she falls in love with someone who is unclanned, she will have to wait for him to be fully established in a clan before she can be clanned herself.  She could have a relationship with a man or two, but she cannot be a recognized member of a clan without all the male members present and deemed stable as a unit beforehand.  Women can certainly try to attract a man from each breed to form her ‘dream clan’, but she will have to wait for them to be established as one before becoming a part of that clan.

Those questions are going to be addressed in Shalia’s Diary as well as Sojan’s story in a new series about Armageddon-era rescues.  Like all things to do with Kalquor post-war, the situation is constantly evolving as the Empire tries to adjust to the changing climate that the Earth women bring to the situation.

Q:  Is there a legal Kalquor clanning age? If a twenty-year-old girl falls for a twenty-year-old Kalquor guy may she date him or is he way too young?

A:  Kalquorian males cannot clan without parental permission before the age of 25.  They can date, live with lovers, have sex, so on and so forth, but they cannot make that lifelong commitment until they reach 25 or convince their parents they are ready. 

Q:  When I read about the nuns (Alien Conquest) I wondered if any of them felt duty bound to submit to their new husbands/owners since Numbers and Deuteronomy tells us that virgin girls taken as spoils of war must submit sexually to their new owners?

A:  That will be a factor for at least one of them in the upcoming Nuns of Europa series.  I’m glad someone else has noted that little biblical fact.  The Old Testament of the Christian bible not only classifies marriage as between a man and a woman, but also a man and his concubines, a rapist and his victim, and ... a conquering soldier and his captured female prisoners ... precisely the situation on Europa when Tranis’ spyship shows up.

Q:  How did you come up with the quotes for the Book of Life?

A:  Many of those are based on my own thoughts on certain aspects of spirituality.  I have studied many religions because faith fascinates me ... on both spiritual and scholarly levels.  Much of the Book of Life ideas spring from my studies of Buddhism, with some Taoism, Christianity, and Native American teachings thrown in as well.

Q:  One of my favorite things is homoerotica so I adore the Kalquorian man love BUT, do any of these guys grow up feeling out of place b/c they aren't attracted to guys?

A:  Absolutely.  I would say not so much ‘out of place’ as lonely, however.  Some of them aren’t geared to enjoy other men at all in an intimate manner.  You know those poor boys take a lot of trips to Dantovon and Plasius!  I’m working on a project that has such a character, who you will find out about very soon.

Q:  Do you ever help new and aspiring writers by reading and critiquing their work?

A:  I wish I could.  Early on when I was newly published, I did.  However, things have reached a point where I simply don’t have time to do that anymore.  I have even given up my video production work in order to concentrate solely on writing.  I also have a special needs child that I must devote a lot of time and energy to.

Q:  The Clan Beginnings books have really captured my imagination.  I was wondering though,  after they clan a Matara do they continue to have relations with each other?  They seem to be so caught up with each other, I find it hard to believe that they just let it go.

A:  I believe the men would continue to enjoy each others' company at times.  In the regular series, they're just so excited with their new Mataras that the manlove falls to the wayside for a bit.

Q:  When they get bit does it leave a mark, or will it disappear?

A:  It disappears fairly quickly.  Kalquorian fangs are very thin and leave only small puncture wounds.

Thanks to everyone who sent me their questions.  I enjoyed hearing what interested you all and discovering the bits and pieces that weren’t made entirely clear in my writing.  As I am beginning to re-edit the earliest books of the series, I can hopefully illuminate new readers better due to your inquiries.

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